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Delivery of a Silo-Space2 to Åmans Maskinstation (Sweden)

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Delivery of a Silo-Space2 to Åmans Maskinstation (Sweden)

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Silo-Space2 59 m³ Åmans Maskinstation, Sweden

Earlier this spring a 59-m³ triple axle Joskin Silo-Space was sold by GH:s Traktor Centre in Mantorp, Sweden, and delivered to Åmans Maskinstation. At the moment they are working with silage and the machine is moving smoothly and nice out on the fields!

"The trailer is very easy to handle and it is flexible when turning. Further, it is steady on the road and on the field, which is crucial for this type of machine and capacity. Another very good function is that the silage comes out already torn apart because of the moving floor, so no need for extra work once the silage is loaded. With the Silo-Space we do not have to tip large loads, which brings comfort and security for the driver. We, and our customers, are very happy with the result!"