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The JOSKIN Tornado range of manure spreaders is evolving

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At JOSKIN, things are also moving in the manure spreaders range. After several months of development, the Tornado3 has just received a major upgrade. In addition to a modernised design and a return to its original name ("Tornado"), the manure spreader has once again retained and improved its fundamentals. The new Tornado still has a specially low, narrow body which, combined with large diameter wheels, gives it easier traction and less pressure on the ground. However, the body has been optimised for the new model and now has a wider taper and smoother sidewalls to make it easier to empty and clean. A major redesign of the back of the body has also been carried out: it has been widened to increase the spreading regularity. This means that the material is delivered more evenly to the beaters, resulting in an overall improvement in performance. Another new feature is the extensive work on the hydraulic lines, which are now integrated into the body strip, away from any contact with the material. Another new feature is the design of the mudguards, which have a 45° inclination to prevent material from accumulating on the machine.