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Open Days – Edition 2023

A network of experts - Nakanishi Shōji Co., Ltd, Kōbe, Japan

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Founded in 1946 and specialising in the sale of industrial machinery parts, Nakanishi Shōji Co, Ltd is based in Kōbe, the capital of Hyōgo Prefecture on the Japanese island of Honshū.

Ready to meet the most exacting expectations of professionals in the sector, the company has decided to work with the leading agricultural machinery manufacturers. Since 2014, JOSKIN has been one of the leading brands at Nakanishi Shōji Co, Ltd because of its wide range of products as well as its fast and efficient after-sales service.

“With the increasing number of medium to mega farms in the region, more and more customers are requesting larger tankers and customised filling arms for a convenient and efficient work. On the other hand, some customers want smaller machines, such as muck spreaders from 5 to 6 tons. JOSKIN allows us to meet this diverse demand,” explains Mr Nakanishi Kenji, president of the company. “In addition, our customers appreciate the quick response of the after-sales service.”

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