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Testimonial – Your opinion matters : Kamień Krajeński, Poland

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Testimonial – Your opinion matters : Kamień Krajeński, Poland

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“The trailer is surprisingly manoeuvrable. The unloading is very fast and efficient"

Owners of a farm specialising in the production of cereals, rape, peas and sugar beets, and located in northern Poland, Łukasz and Michał Procyk recently purchased a JOSKIN Drakkar multipurpose trailer.

"On our farm, we have flat storages where we unload the harvest from the combine harvester. The storages are low, which makes it difficult to unload a traditional tipping trailer. For a number of years we have been looking for a trailer with a sloping wall to unload the transported goods quickly and safely. The dealer we work with suggested the Dakkkar 7600/27D150 from JOSKIN. We went to the JOSKIN factory in Trzcianka to examine the machine in the showroom, and we decided to buy it almost immediately. "

"Despite its considerable length, the trailer is surprisingly manoeuvrable. Unloading is very fast and efficient. The front wall is transparent, which provides excellent visibility, makes loading easier and allows reversing to the storage. We also very much appreciate the quality of the construction and the stability and safety of the movements, even in difficult conditions. "