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Customer testimonials

Muck spreaders

The professional's opinion

Birutchenskoe (Russia)

Homogeneous and efficient spreading, according to the technical specifications of this machine.


ZAO "Chicken Factory Aksayskaya" (Russia)

Today, 2015's results show that a tractor + JOSKIN spreader are as productive as the 4 machines that were previously used to spread.


ZAO Doljanskoe (Russia)

We chose the Joskin spreaders because they are very reliable and have the best quality/price ratio of the market. These last 3 years, our Ferti-SPACE spread 80,000 t of manure without any problem. It is very sturdy.


Jean-Luc Roydeaux (Belgium)

The proximity of a JOSKIN dealer (Pierre Bock) influenced our choice, just like the demonstration which was organized before our purchase and where the tests were successful, with a perfect spreading quality


De Gusseme Wouter and Raf (Belgium)

We trust JOSKIN the most in the choice of our muck spreader.