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Available equipment

Livestock trailers - BETIMAX RDS - modular body

Inner partitions

Several types of inner partitions are available:
• a 1-part partition with 3 adjustable supports;
• a 1-part door on rails with 3 adjustable supports;
• a 2-part partition(only available on some models,non adjustable).

Also as an option: an extra inner door without rail, but also an extension for under the inner partition in order to divide small cattle into groups.

1-part partitions are both fixed to tubes that are standard mounted along the body walls. Their advantage is to form a screen over the whole height of the walls. They slide over the whole length of the livestock trailer, even at the recess of the wheels.

Outer fences

Hinged fences on the left / hinged fences on the right

The BETIMAX livestock trailers can also be equipped with side fences that may be either mounted on hinges (3.10 m) or on rails (4 m or 4.50 m according to the models). This option makes it easier to bring the animals together before making them step into the trailer. They are hung on the side walls of the vehicle, thereby ensuring a high safety level during transport.

The models 6000, 7500 and 9000 can be fitted with a set of self-supporting side fences on rail of 4.5m so as to make their installation easier.


The BETIMAX is standard fitted with arches improving the sturdiness of the body and allowing to use a protective cover on the livestock trailer (option).

Protection rods

Protection rods above the wheel cases, which are sometimes incompatible with the inner partitions, are also available as an option.

Spare wheel / Tool box

Spare wheel

A spare wheel and its support can be added as an option. This support is located on the front wall of the body.

Tool box

A tool box can be fitted on the front part of the body.

Holder for tools

A holder for 4 tools (on the front wall) will allow you to always have a brush, a shovel, etc. with you.

Wheel recess

To protect the livestock, the wheel cases have rounded edges.