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tipping system

tipping system

The telescopic rams fitted by JOSKIN have a chrome coating on the first two elements. This means that you can store your tipping trailers with the body tilted slightly backwards without the risk of rust on the hydraulic tipping ram.

The forward position of the hydraulic tipping ram reduces the stress on the body and ensures a maximum vehicle stability. Fitted as standard on all models in the JOSKIN range of tipping trailers, a safety valve, placed directly on the hydraulic tipping ram, prevents the body from unexpectedly falling down (e.g. when a hydraulic hose breaks).

The double oscillating frame on which the ram is mounted allows to absorb the torsions caused by the stresses when tipping and effectively protects the trailer from distortion.

Available as standard on Tetra-CAP, Tetra-SPACE and Delta-CAP and as an option on Trans-EX, this solution increases the versatility of the JOSKIN tipping trailers. It not only facilitates unloading in low buildings, but it also allows to transport more thanks to the possibility of towing a second Tetra-CAP trailer. The side doors are articulated on welded hinges, which are fastened to a steel section. The presence of a large-section gasket around the entire perimeter of the body openings provides a good seal.