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JOSKIN offers you a wide range of tyres from the most renowned manufacturers in the sector. You can therefore equip your vehicle with the best possible choice according to the most demanding criteria: safety, comfort, traction ease, load index, compaction and budget. Although less and less common, bias-ply tyres (e.g. 550/60-22.5) are still attractive because of their simplicity and low price. Low-pressure radial tyres (e.g. 560/60R22.5), thanks to their larger contact area, are more respectful of the soil structure: the pressure is better distributed and is more homogeneous, thus creating shallower ruts.

Whatever the tyre model you choose, there are always two rules to take into account: the larger the diameter of a tyre, the easier it is to pull or push your vehicle. On the other hand, a large-diameter, but relatively narrow-width tyre will have as much contact area with the ground as a small-diameter, but wider tyre.

Although not compulsory in all countries, mudguards are often an interesting feature to keep the vehicle clean at the running gear level and to protect other road users (as well as yourself) from projections from the wheels. JOSKIN mudguards have a modern design and usually cover the entire tyre tread. They are made of galvanised steel or light, ergonomic plastic.

Nobody can prevent a puncture, which is why it is possible to equip your vehicle with a spare wheel: either of the same model as those fitted to the axles, or of the "emergency" type. The choice is yours!