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JOSKIN offers 3 main types of hydraulic valves: flat (standard), bell and slide valves. The advantage of the bell type is that its body has a larger diameter, so it is less likely to become clogged with fibres going up in the valve head. The slide valve is the only one that is really sharp: it gets rid of foreign bodies by cutting them. It therefore never gets clogged and is the only one of the three models that is really watertight. However, all three are slurry-tight.

A discharge turbo, available in 6" (Ø 150 mm), 8" (Ø 200 mm) or 10" (Ø 250 mm) increases the speed of the slurry leaving the tank by acting as a hydraulically driven centrifugal pump. This option is particularly interesting when you want to spread thicker slurry over larger widths. It indeed propels the slurry and works against the slowing down effect caused by the frictional forces in the pipes of the spreading implements.

Nowadays, slurry is spread closer to the ground and the air resistance is significantly reduced thanks to the “exact'' scatterers that bring the fertiliser down to the ground. They are fitted as standard to JOSKIN slurry tankers and spread the slurry evenly over a width of up to 10 m, depending on the viscosity of the liquid, the wind, etc. The Perrot exact scatterers are hinged to facilitate pumping from the rear and limit the overall length of the vehicle.

The double exact scatterer is available as an option to double the spread rate per hectare at the same speed. A manual selector allows you to open and close the feeding valve to the second scatterer, as well as adjust the degree of opening of the valve (for a continuous flow rate from single to double dose).

The scatterer from the German manufacturer Möscha spreads the slurry with a continuous left/right pendulum movement. It ensures a "big drop" distribution at low pressure. Several variants (flow/width) are available.

The double Möscha applies the properties and advantages of the single model to a larger working width.

The "gooseneck" scatterer directs the flow of fertiliser vertically towards the ground, a bit like a slurry wall! The height of the gooseneck can be adjusted, which allows to adapt the working width.

Spreading in layers with a double scatterer with splash plate provides a spreading width of 15 m depending on the working conditions and the type of slurry.

Thanks to its adjustable angle, the screw scatterer can reach a large part of your land to be worked on. The propeller system fragments your liquid, water or slurry, to precisely spread your land laterally. It is particularly useful for spreading your plantations and sloping ground or for reducing the amount of dust in the air.