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Livestock and grass care range


Monocoque body

The longitudinal beams of the chassis and the side plates of 4 mm thick form a watertight monocoque body of 180 cm high on the Betimax R and of 210 cm high on the Betimax RDS.

Rear door with two leaves

The door with two smooth leaves offers a passage wider than the body, still to avoid constrictions and injuries.

Low weight

Thanks to its reinforced self-supporting structure, the weight/sturdiness ratio is optimal

Complete galvanization

Bolstered by its experience in the field of slurry tankers, the JOSKIN Company uses high standards like high tensile steel types or the complete galvanization (tank, craddle and drawbar) on its water bowsers

Complete basic equipment

The machine is fitted with a suitable equipment: Upper manhole of 450 mm / Water gauge / 6" rear manhole with 1/4 turn valve.

Drinking trough for one animal

This drinking trough is fitted with a steel strip blocking the water flow in the recipient.

Side or rear drinking trough with constant level

The drinking trough is fitted with a level float gauge stopping the water flow once the maximum level is reached.


The gaw allows to water on a wider surface thanks to the splash plate located at the outlet. It is also fitted with a manual valve to open and close the end.
Number of axles

Livestock Trailers

Number of axles

Water Bowsers