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De Gusseme Wouter and Raf (Belgium)

De Gusseme Wouter and Raf <i>(Belgium)</i>

Type of machine : TORNADO 3 T5516/16V
Activities : Cattle breeding Design and maintenance of gardens
Spread material : cattle manure 90 loads a year mainly on maize fields
Tractor : John Deere 6920 (150 hp)

Raf and his son Wouter are the proud owners of a new Joskin Tornado muck spreader type T5516/16V.

Until last year, muck was transported with a trailer to the field where a contractor would spread it in the spring. Raf thought that spreading with horizontal beaters was not optimal. Moreover, according to the environmental regulations, it is not allowed to leave manure on the field more than a month long. Raf and Wouter therefore decided to invest into a big muck spreader with vertical beaters and a powerful rocking effect.

During a factory visit at Joskin's in Soumagne, the precise finishing convinced them to choose a Joskin product.

They first hesitated between a single or double axle but finally chose a heavy BPW axle with big wheels 710/70R30 (Alliance). On the right side, there is a limitation board, which works perfectly, in order not to spread beyond the limits. A PVC protection has been mounted on the upper side. The moving floor can efficiently be adjusted from the tractor.