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Jean-Luc Roydeaux (Belgium)

Jean-Luc Roydeaux <i>(Belgium)</i>

Type of machine : Tornado3 T5511/12V
Activity : cattle breeding
Spread materials : cattle manure and compost
Meat production : 100 calves/year
Spread areas : meadows
Tractor : John Deere 6115 R (135HP)

Jean-Luc Roydeaux, farmer in Trois-Ponts (province of Liege), is since the beginning of the year the owner of a JOSKIN Tornado3 muck spreader. His agricultural activity is exclusively based on the breeding of Charolais cattle, with approximately 100 calves a year.

His animals produce approximately 1,000tons of manure a year. Earlier, as Jean-Luc says: "we hired a contractor in order to spread our manure."

Since he no longer wanted to rely on someone to do that, he decided to buy a muck spreader. He chose JOSKIN for the following reasons: "the proximity of a JOSKIN dealer (Pierre Bock) influenced our choice, just like the demonstration which was organized before our purchase and where the tests were successful, with a perfect spreading quality", testifies Jean-LMuc Roydeaux.

After the first hours of use of his new spreader, the farmer from Trois-Points has a positive feeling: "It works well and I'm really impressed by the spreading and crumbling quality of the Tornado3."