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With Joskin, one need = one solution!

Today, the range of Joskin muck spreaders includes 6 models (4 with vertical beaters and 2 with horizontal beaters). In total, there are 37 muck spreaders available to meet all needs. Various capacities are indeed possible (from 8 m³ to 25 m³ before the door and without extensions). Thanks to options such as the weighing system and the Isobus management (which, if they are connected to the GPS system, allow to spread using maps), the Joskin muck spreaders allow a small flow per hectare and a high spreading precision. Given the wide range, there is always a model suiting all types of fertilizers, whether manure or lighter products such as compost, poultry manure, lime, etc. Various options are furthermore available (extensions, limitation boards, etc.) in order to meet all kinds of demands.

Since the first manufactured muck spreader, the JOSKIN range has never stopped evolving.

Among the latest novelties, we can find a Siroko muck spreader with “small volume”, which has now reviewed beaters. As a reminder, the Siroko is fully galvanized and therefore a durable muck spreader with a narrow body that can be fitted with big wheels on its outer side. It is fitted with a cross-suspension of the drawbar and can have a low or high hitching.

In its new version, the total beater diameter and therefore its size were increased. The diameter of the vertical beater tube is now way smaller than the one on the previous version. The retractable blades are also longer than before. Their design and mobile character allow then to avoid any contact with foreign bodies but also to break up the matter under the effect of a shock. The long blades improve the spreading quality and shred the spread material. It is then possible to spread and shred more material.

These new beaters allowed to modify the spreader body. Its width and height are slightly higher. For the same material, the spreading flow per hectare is also higher than before. The hydraulic rams of the guillotine door are now fitted on the outer side of the body. This configuration prevents the formation of matter blockages and allows to easily access the machine for its maintenance.

Another innovation concerns the lights that are designed and assembled in a different way. They are now fitted under the beaters in order to avoid dirt as much as possible. At the same time, they are protected by a transparent plastic plate once in the field and they can easily be removed and oriented outwards once on the road.

The tines of the rear sprockets are from now on straight instead of bent, which ensures a higher aggressiveness. In this way, skidding and therefore wear are significantly reduced and the chain movement is more uniform.

As regards the knives, they are now in Hardox 450 steel (10 mm) and are in this way more durable and sturdier than before (6 m). They should be changed less often and the need for spare parts is lower. Furthermore, both sides of the knives can be used.

This new Siroko also meets more optimally the increasing requirements of small farming concerns as regards spreading flow and quality. Next to this version, a new Siroko was also developed for the arboriculture.

That is however not all regarding novelties. Other developments were made in the Joskin range: the gearboxes under the beaters have now a new assembly system and the elastic rubber couplings were replaced by male-female grooved connections directly on the boxes. The bodies are now standardized so that the frames of horizontal (HORIZON) and vertical beaters can be exchanged.

It is undeniable, just like the range of muck spreaders, at Joskin, the more needs there are, the more solutions there will be.