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2018, a year full of evolutions for JOSKIN

Next a first half year of existence for the JOSKIN Group, the year 2018 is also marked by a second important anniversary for the brand. 30 years ago, the Scalper macerator, master piece of the injection implements still fitted on today’s machines, was developed and patented. Since then, the range of injectors and spreading booms offered by the company has been constantly evolving, in such a way that today JOSKIN can boast of offering the most complete range on the market to all actors from the agricultural world and sector.

In this range, 2 new spreading boom concepts have recently attracted all the attention: first of all, the Pendislide Pro. Available in 4 different widths (12, 13.5, 15 and 18 m), it proved its worth among the most demanding customers. It is fitted with skids in order not to dirty the leaves. It also does not require any linkage on the tanker fitted with wheels with a diameter smaller than 1.67 m. Its big advantage is its pendulum frame with both the Twist system (anti-drip system allowing to lift the hoses in order to prevent slurry from flowing unexpectedly), and the slope position adjustment system, whereby the boom slope is independent from the one of the tanker. Gauge wheels complete the equipment in order to perfectly follow the ground relief.

More recently, the Penditwist and Pendislide Basic models were designed to be easily fitted on tankers in use. Available with a 6 m or 7.5 m wide, these booms do not require any particular pre-equipment on the tanker. They are directly fitted on the rear manhole. The only limit is that the manhole must have a diameter of 600 mm. These booms are operated by an automaton making the driver’s operations easier. As a conclusion, the word “Basic” is characteristic of its assembly and not of its equipment.  Next to the assembly on existing tankers, these new models also are the perfect equipment for the purchase of a smaller slurry tanker.

Up to the future

However, the new products are only a small part of the evolutions in the year 2018. These last months, JOSKIN has mainly focused on its production processes. Some assembly areas are now exclusively dedicated to the production of large series of machines (min. 20 pc.). This evolution, which was initially implemented for the manufacture of the machines for the 50th anniversary action, is today fully integrated in the manufacturing process. The machines produced in series are very advantageous for the customers: they ensure a complete equipment, a standardization of the parts, a quick availability and a maximal reliability. Today, several series are already born: Tornado 3, Trans-Space 8000, Drakkar 8600 and Volumetra 18000 fitted with Pendislide Pro 15 m. With the series production, some complex pieces of equipment become standard pieces of equipment. The customer benefits in this way from a high-tech equipment at unbeatable price.

Given the arrival of new products and the evolution of the manufacturing process, the JOSKIN Group is planning on to increase its market shares in the years to come. It is indeed said that a special offer is being outlined for the Sima 2019... JOSKIN will indeed offer a slurry tanker fitted with a rear implement at a price that has never been seen before, nor at JOSKIN, nor at the competitors.