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2018: a typical year for JOSKIN


After 2 years of bad economic situation in 2016-2017, the year 2018 allowed the Group to come back to its usual growth. These results are offering possibilities of an average increase of approx. 10% a year. At the same time, several investment programmes were launched, such as the purchase of more robots in order to further modernise the JOSKIN production and improve the manufacturing quality and speed. These modernising programmes are useful to reach the company’s goals but they will also and especially benefit to the end user.


JOSKIN could prove that it was possible to reduce the price of agricultural machines without having an impact on quality. Thanks to its investment programme further reinforcing its production capacities, the Group could launch an original concept, which has not been used much in the agricultural machinery sector: the series production. Producing a large quantity of a model implies more advantageous prices for the raw materials, a more profitable distribution of the workforce and a higher efficiency of the automated machines. The resulting savings have then a direct impact on the sale price and allow to deliver a high-tech product at the price of a standard one. Series productions, also known as “Advantage Series”, have already delighted many purchasers in 2018. There is therefore no doubt that they will mark 2019 and the coming years!


JOSKIN keeps investing in a continuous improvement process and the many efforts made are paying, to say the least. The latest example is the 18th edition of the Pro Days, organised by the company in January 2019 on its site of Soumagne (Belgium). Once again, this event was very largely attended. The previous record number of visitors was even beaten. No less than 11,200 farmers, contractors and agricultural machinery fans from all countries turned up at the company. Inspired by this success, the JOSKIN Group has by the way decided to extend the event. For the first time, the company will open its Polish factory of Trzcianka to the public on 29th and 30th March. Known for its 8,750 m² galvanising unit, which is one of the most modern in the world, this factory is essential in the Group’s main organisation and represents a real trading bridge towards Eastern Europe. Through this initiative, the company would like to let discover another of dimension of the Group to the general public. JOSKIN is also very attentive to its audience and is very keen to always offer attractive contents. That is the reason why it did not hesitate to strengthen its activity on the various social networks these last years. According to the statistics, this initiative seemed once again to please people. JOSKIN has indeed just reached 119,000 fans on Facebook ( and can be proud of having one of the most active communities around its brand.


The company has always been aware that the digital era allows to strengthen the offer and it therefore improved its services in that direction. In line with its commitment, JOSKIN’s goal is clear: meeting its customers’ needs, or even anticipate them.

In 2018, it launched a new portal called “MyJOSKIN” in order to further increase the autonomy and quality of the dealers’

services. Thanks to this modern and efficient IT-platform, all JOSKIN dealers have a direct access to the user’s manuals, the individualized parts books by chassis number, technical documents, spare parts stocks, etc. in order to provide customers with an unmatched reactivity.

An IOS/Android application, which can be downloaded on the Playstore and Applestore under the name of “JOSKIN”, was also developed. Available both to dealers as to the general public, its first goal is to make the collection of information around the range’s products easier. The various models of machines and their specifications are thoroughly detailed. These elements are also complemented by a well-thought media library gathering videos, pictures, PDF brochures, an accessory price list and some company presentations.

In light of this year 2018, JOSKIN could prove that its evolution was no mere coincidence. Motivated since the very beginning by its desire to best serve its customers, the Group keeps multiplying the initiatives to move forward in that direction. With such a leitmotiv inherent to its strategic line, it is very likely that the Group’s future remains as bright as it is for the many years to come. That is at least all we want for it!