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Even More “Advantages”!

In 1968, the JOSKIN group set the objective of making an efficient, durable and profitable agriculture affordable to as many people as possible. Guided by this ambitious objective, the brand has continuously been listening to the consumers’ needs, but has also constantly been optimising its production capacity in order to provide the most appropriate answer.

After 50 years of existence, and as the latest example proves it, the company’s ambitions are still the same. The agricultural market is even more obsessed by technological achievements and neglects even more modest farmers. That is why JOSKIN could not sit on his arms and wait.

The Group has then continuously invested in the complete modernisation of its various factories in order to reduce its production costs by increasing and rationalising its production capacity. In 2018, on the occasion of the much-regarded anniversary sales action, it proved it was owning the Grail all industrials are looking for: the series production! In 2019, it was time for the whole market to benefit from this through an evolving range called “Advantage”.

A Full Equipment at Best Price

Launched in January, this new range allows all users, who are disadvantaged by the price and complexity of some machines on the market, to acquire affordable, easy to use and efficient implements.

To that end, the savings resulting from the series production (i.e. a better cost price for raw materials and a better profitability of the production capacity) allow JOSKIN to standard integrate on every concerned machine high-tech options meeting the most frequent needs on the market. Each Advantage machine has therefore a full equipment and is offered at an unbeatable price.

“To us, it was essential that the new era resulting from our industrial developments helps us to deliver regular sales offers, which are complementary to the basic one”, explains Valéry Bailly, Sales Manager at JOSKIN. “As its name implies, with this Advantage range, we made the choice to pass on all benefits of this production process to the consumer”, he adds. “The customer can therefore have, at the price of a standard machine, a turnkey solution with many options, directly meeting the conditions on his farm. Next to the included pre-equipment, every model can still be individualized later on. Thanks to the standardisation of the JOSKIN parts and components, it is indeed possible to meet even more specific wishes at any time”, he specifies.

Immediate International Success

Started with one product, this “Advantage” concept has rapidly found a public and made its name in the entire agricultural sector. One must say that with its Modulo Advantage made up of an 11,000-l slurry tanker with a 7.5 m spreading boom, the brand hit hard! This combination had barely been presented that it was acclaimed by the press, which described it as an affordable machine providing high-tech spreading efficiency with a maximal simplicity. This tanker immediately won the prize of “Machine of the Year 2019” in February in Paris, during the SIMA trade fair.

Building on that success, the brand has then progressively added various other prestigious references to its range. Whether a Drakkar, Tornado3, Volumetra, Trans-KTP, Trans-CAP or Scariflex, many best-sellers from the standard JOSKIN range are now manufactured in Advantage version. The goal was clear: every need had to be met for everybody to be satisfied! And as Valéry Bailly says, the development of this range could somewhat correspond with this saying: “a machine for everyone, a bargain for all!”.

Evolving Catalogue

Aiming at meeting as many expectations as possible, the company takes of course the development of the agricultural practices and regulations in force in the various areas of the world into account. In order to better meet them, the brand does not hesitate to exclusively integrate many novelties to this Advantage range. The latest example is the development of a Modulo2 XXL. With a capacity of 20,000 l, wheels with a large diameter and many high-tech options and pieces of pre-equipment, this new product version adapts the advantages of the classical Modulo, such as an outstanding sturdiness, manoeuvrability and ease of use, to the big farms’ needs. With this novelty, JOSKIN would like to seduce countries such as Poland.

If meeting every expectation logically requires a complex offer, the Joskin Group seems to have found the solution by adapting its Advantage concept accordingly. “We started with one single product and now we have almost 20 references”, explains Valéry Bailly. “In order to remain accountable, profitable but also attractive, we chose to only produce limited series of our Advantage machines. We can therefore manage our catalogue and continuously renew it through the seasons. According to this principle, the first come will always be the first served. At first sight, it can seem frustrating, but it allows us to keep a high attractiveness and therefore a high rhythm for the rotation of our offer. Today, for instance, even if some series are already or will shortly be out of stock, our customers know that an exclusivity will always chase another. They therefore are the first ones to play the game”, he concludes.

True to itself, the Joskin Group could start a new revolution in the agricultural world. If you want to know more about this Advantage range, do not hesitate to visit !