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JOSKIN Remains at Farmers’ and Contractors’ Service

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In the context of the pandemic, the JOSKIN Group’s activity continues, but with an adapted regime.

The food chain is a societal imperative and it must be safe in all circumstances. Therefore, JOSKIN got quickly organized to guarantee

its service to farmers and contractors in compliance with the restrictions in force.

JOSKIN services remain operational

«Minimizing risks and ensuring our employees’ protection is our number one priority,» explains Didier Joskin, Executive Director of

the Group. «We immediately adapted our work organisation. Wherever possible, as many staff members as possible are teleworking

in order to minimise all contacts, but a permanent presence is ensured on site with shifts. On the other hand, our sites are closed to any

outside person: all our services remain as much as possible operational, but at a distance.»

As a result, requests for spare parts are fully met. JOSKIN, which produces 85% of its components, owns a strategic stock:

«Troubleshooting in the event of breakage, wear and tear or simple maintenance has always been a priority. This service must be

maintained at all costs, even if it has to be adapted: its operators are strictly complying with the imposed rules of social distancing, but

the counter is closed; we are now only sending parcels. Fortunately, for more than two years now, our customers have been accustomed

to online tools to find the references of the desired spare parts and order them themselves. With our strategic stock, we hope to be

able to guarantee the spare parts service throughout the crisis,» continues Didier Joskin.

Difficult supply

Regarding the machines, JOSKIN does its best to meet rush orders. Seasonal work cannot wait until the pandemic end: farmers

need the right equipment to work efficiently. «All our factories are running, subject to adjustments,» explains Didier Joskin. «Production

lines have been adapted according to social distancing rules and work schedules have been adjusted on a case-by-case basis

so that staff can combine, as far as possible, work and family life due to the confinement.»

However, the Group Management wants to be transparent: «In this situation of force majeure, delays are unavoidable, both for

our brands JOSKIN and Leboulch, as for the products distributed by DistriTECH. The entire production is slowed down due to the work

organisation with reduced staff and supply problems. Our own stocks of components overcome a part of the problem, but for some

external supplies, delays are arising. Depending on the country, some companies are idling, others had to shut down...» Everyone has

to be patient, especially since there are logistical problems too. «Transport conditions are getting more complicated: whether to

deliver our machines or supply the factories, our drivers are now facing new constraints that impact on our work organisation,» says

Didier Joskin.

A day-to-day assessment

«We will continue to ensure deliveries for as long as possible,» ensures Didier Joskin. The future is uncertain, but we will strive to

ensure the continuity of our services, even in the event of more severe restrictions. Regarding the production, we are reassessing the

situation on a daily basis to ensure our staff’s maximum protection. In the event of a major change, we will immediately inform our

customers,» he continues, before concluding: «Whatever happens, we want to reassure our customers that we won’t let them down!

But above all, in these circumstances, everyone must continue to take care of themselves and their loved ones.»