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A network of experts Güldner-Landtechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Schlitz-Ützhausen, Germany

Güldner-Landtechnik GmbH & Co KG is a family-owned company based in Schlitz-Ützhausen in the eastern part of Hesse in the heart of Germany. It specialises in the sale and maintenance of tractors and agricultural machinery.

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A network of experts - Rullier Group, Fronsac, France

Rullier Group, Fronsac, France Specialising in the distribution of agricultural and wine-making machinery as well as equipment for the maintenance of green spaces, the Rullier Group is based in Fronsac, in the west of France, 40 km from Bordeaux. This family group, founded in 1950, is now in its third generation and currently has 200 employees and 17 sites in the west, south and south-east of the country. The birthplace of the Rullier Group, in Bordeaux, has naturally forged its DNA. Today, it a

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A network of experts - Kisiel, Górno, Poland

Specialised in the sale and maintenance of agricultural and municipal machinery, Kisiel is located in Górno, in the Holy Cross Voivodeship, a leading industrial and agricultural region.

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A network of experts - Bulltech Advanced Agriculture, Granot, Israel

Founded in 2010 and specialising in the manufacture, import and marketing of equipment for cattle breeding, Bulltech Advanced Agriculture is a family business run by Mr Udi Brayer and located in Granot, in the Sharon Plain in Israel, a region known for its fertile land and particularly for its citrus fruit growing. Their products are used in hundreds of cowsheds throughout the country.

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A network of experts - Nakanishi Shōji Co., Ltd, Kōbe, Japan

Founded in 1946 and specialising in the sale of industrial machinery parts, Nakanishi Shōji Co, Ltd is based in Kōbe, the capital of Hyōgo Prefecture on the Japanese island of Honshū.

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