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Production sites



1 - Welding of Ferti-SPACE chassis and bodies

  • Manual welding of the Ferti-Space muck spreaders
  • Manual welding of the spreader and tipping trailer chassis
  • Use of welding jigs to increase the precision of the welded parts

2 - Assembly of boggies

  • Assembly of the running gears according to their equipment and certification (hydraulic, air, dual brakes)
  • Welding of the different elements on jigs
  • Welding and assembly of the hydraulic running gears - Hydro-tandem and hydro-tridem

3 - Painting

  • Separate treatment of the components for an optimal quality and protection of the steel
  • Shot-blasting of the components (projection of 2,200kg of steel microballs per minute to clean the steel so that paint can stick to it)
  • Primer Ester Epoxy (2K)
  • Finishing lacquer (2K) (total 100µ)
  • Forced drying (60° oven)

4 - Logistics

  • Trays of parts are used to reduce errors and to trace the components of the machine
  • Trucks are loaded inside for more safety and efficiency

5 - Assembly of the tipping trailer bodies and Ferti-SPACE muck spreaders

  • Assembly of body accessories of the agricultural and construction tipping trailers
  • Assembly of Ferti-Space muck spreader bodies
  • Assembly of the body and chassis