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It doesn't push; it doesn't tip, ... it transports !



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Multi-purpose trailers
Drakkar General Points

General Points

The JOSKIN DRAKKAR is a multi-purpose trailer allowing to transport many different types of material (silage, grains, pulp, beets, potatoes, etc.). Thanks to the UV-resistant polyester/polyethylene side walls, the empty weight of the vehicle is lower. You can therefore transport a higher payload.

Drakkar DRAKKAR's Revolutionary System

DRAKKAR's Revolutionary System

The DRAKKAR has an industrial fluid-tight conveyor belt that is going, for the unloading operation, to move the material. This high-resistance conveyor is rolled up on a cylinder driven by 2 hydraulic engines at the back of the trailer. During the unloading operation, the front wall, which is connected to the moving floor moves backwards in order to accompany the matter without compressing it.
At the end of the operation, it is going to have a pushing effect forming compact and firm heaps. The use of a transparent perspex plate (10 mm thick) ensures an excellent visibility when loading and unloading.
The floor and the wall resume their initial positions thanks to a hydraulic engine at the front of the trailer, which is connected to a system of shipping chains.

Drakkar A great rear door clearance

A great rear door clearance

The trailer is unloaded easily and without blocking thanks to the significant clearance (40 cm) of the rear door (operated by two double-acting rams) above the body. A locking device mounted on the ram makes sure the door is properly closed and avoids any unexpected opening during transportation. A "stop" sensor on the door allows the floor to start moving only when the door is fully open. In some situations, it is necessary to leave the door closed to empty through the grain chute(s) or to only slightly open it. To that end, there are two control boxes at the back of the vehicle that allows to progressively make the floor move forward or backward.

Drakkar Scrapers


The rear (upper and lower) scrapers allow to remove any remaining material on the moving floor. The one at the front prevents foreign bodies to accumulate between the bottom and the moving floor.

Drakkar Three grain chutes in standard

Three grain chutes in standard

In standard, three grain chutes allow a precise, quick and flexibel unloading. For this use or when it's needed to only slightly open it, there are two control boxes at the back of the vehicle that allows to progressively make the floor move forward or backward.

Drakkar Hydraulic extensions

Hydraulic extensions

The DRAKKAR can be fitted with rigid or hydraulic extensions. Thanks to the hydraulic system, the loadings are made easier and the falling of material is reduced. Different choices are possible according to the model (independent operating system on the left and right), 4 sides hydraulic extensions, drop sides, ...

Silage trailers / Multi-purpose trailers


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