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Strong and reliable body from 10 t to 16 t



10 → 16


Single axle
Double axle


Monocoque Tipping Trailers

TRANS-PALM General Points

General Points

JOSKIN has designed a new trailer for the harvesting of palm fruits. Based on the successful Trans-Cap, this trailer is simple, sturdy and can face all types of tracks. The sprung drawbar ensures a significant flexibility and protects the driver from shocks. As an option, it is possible to get a reinforced axle.

TRANS-PALM Specifications


The body is not fitted with a rear door but with a sloping rear wall to unload agricultural products for an easy unloading.
Several body heights are available to allow a quick and easy manual loading.
Its design allows to transport agricultural products such as gross palm bunches, which requires a manual loading.
It is suited to difficult tracks.

TRANS-PALM Characteristics


Tapered monocoque body.
Single or double axle agricultural tipping trailers.
Payload from 8 to 10 t on single axle vehicles and from 10 to 15t on double axle ones.
Very sturdy chassis in steel sections and body in closed profiles to provide the machine with a significant rigidity.

TRANS-PALM Easy Transport

Easy Transport

The Trans-Palm tipping trailer is designed to be packaged in containers for see shipping. It is in this way very easy to transport and the transportation costs are reduced. With 650 mm wide / 4,500 mm long, 4 tipping trailers can be put in one container.



The Trans-PALM is fitted with an open drawbar that, given its structure, ensures a very good weight/resistance ratio. Its wide fixing points (same width as the chassis) further improve the manoeuvrability and provide a perfect stability to the vehicle.

Strong points of the range


The tipping system is standard oil fed. There is an option that makes it possible to replace it by a hydraulic pump, which may be fitted with a hydraulic or electric lowering control.

Door: tight and safe

Monocoque tipping trailers are fitted with very resistant synthetic rubber seals all around the body. The door is kept closed by a side locking device (except on vehicles with drop sides).

This system allows a perfect tightness of the JOSKIN tipping trailers, even with small grains.

The doors of the JOSKIN tipping trailers are fitted with two safety devices:
- In order to prevent system damage, a pressure relief valve regulates the oil pressure if the door cannot be completely closed, e.g. due to an obstacle;
- A safety valve on each door ram holds the door in position if hydraulic hoses break or if the tractor stops.

Safe Tipping

The position of the tipping ram on the front part of the chassis allows to reduce the stresses to the body and makes the vehicle as stable as possible.

Standard mounted on all models of the JOSKIN tipping trailer range, the safety valve, which is directly placed on the tipping ram, prevents the body from unexpectedly falling down (e.g. when hydraulic hoses break).

The double oscillating frame on which the cylinder is mounted allows to compensate the torsions due to the tipping strains and effectively protects the trailer from distortions.

JOSKIN principle

Branking system

In order to adapt your machine in the best possible way to the braking system of your tractors, it is possible to choose between hydraulic, air or dual (hydraulic/air) braking system. The air braking system is part of the standard equipment on triple-axle models and also allows you to choose a proportional system regulating the braking power in proportion to the load.

Tipping stabilizer

The tipping stabilizer with weight transfer system (or its pre-equipment) is standard mounted on Hydro-Tandem and Hydro-Tridem.

On a Roll-Over bogie, two rams are connected to the chassis. When tipping, the circuit will exert a pressure on the rear axle of the bogie in order to lock it in its position and in this way stabilize the tipping trailer.
Monocoque Tipping Trailers


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