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Galvanised Chassis
Chassis Accessories

The hot-dip galvanisation of the chassis (standard on some vehicles and implements) provides a maximum protection against corrosion. During the galvanising process, the liquid zinc penetrates the surface of the steel and protects it "from the inside" against external aggression and its usual consequences, such as rust formation. The galvanised component is one of the best protected parts on agricultural machinery.

Hitch Yoke
Chassis Accessories

It is possible to equip your trailer with a rear hitch. It can be “basic”, i.e. only used to get your trailer out of the mud. Or it can be more sophisticated, with electrical and hydraulic connections for a second trailer.

Protective Flaps
Chassis Accessories

Optional mud flaps are available to protect the hydraulic box, the compressed air tank, the lubrication unit, etc. from mud and/or stones thrown up by the tractor wheels.

Rear Hydraulic Plug
Chassis Accessories

It is possible to equip your trailer with a hydraulic plug at the back of the chassis. It can be used to control the tipping of a second trailer, the opening of a container door, etc.