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Air Mixer
Inner Accessories

This device, which can only be used on the discharge side and with a vacuum pump, injects air at the bottom of the tank via a pipe perforated along its entire length: each hole is protected from the intrusion of slurry by a rubber part (“bubble bath” effect). The air expelled in this way creates movement in the tank and prevents sedimentation.

Anchoring Points
Inner Accessories

In order to secure the load, anchoring points are provided along the entire length of the trailer.

Bolted slats
Inner Accessories

Whether on models with vertical or horizontal beaters, the slats of the Tornado3 and Ferti-Space2 muck spreaders are bolted to the standard shipping chains. They can therefore very easily be changed.

Door: Seal and Safety
Inner Accessories

The JOSKIN monocoque tipping trailers are fitted with very resistant synthetic rubber seals all around the body (except Trans-KTP 17-22-27-34). Their door is kept closed by a side lock. This system ensures a perfect seal, even with the smallest seeds.

The doors on the JOSKIN tipping trailers are also equipped with two safety devices. The first one is a pressure relief valve. When the door cannot be fully closed (e.g. when there is an obstacle), it engages and regulates the oil pressure to prevent damage to the system. The second one is a double check valve on each door ram to hold the door in position if a hydraulic hose breaks or if the tractor stops.

Drop Sides: Seal and Safety
Inner Accessories

The JOSKIN dropside tipping trailers are fitted with very resistant synthetic rubber seals all around the body (except Trans-EX). Their door or drop sides are kept closed by a side lock. This system ensures a perfect seal, even with the smallest seeds.

Fall Breaker for Potatoes
Inner Accessories

A 1,800 x 2,500 mm fall breaker for potatoes can be placed in the Trans-CAP and Trans-SPACE agricultural tipping trailers. It is fixed at all four ends by four strong elastic bands. When loading potatoes, the elastic bands are gradually extended so that the harvest can be gently placed on the body floor.

Front wall
Inner Accessories

To ensure a safe transport, JOSKIN offers the possibility to fit the WAGO-LOADER with a welded front wall in order to prevent the load from moving forward.

Guillotine door
Inner Accessories

A guillotine door can be fitted as an option. It is tight for the loaded manure (not for water or slurry) and is continuously adjustable over the entire height of the beaters. It therefore not only prevents loss of load during transport, but also regulates the dosage during spreading.

Hydraulic floor tensioner
Inner Accessories

Every JOSKIN muck spreader is fitted as standard with a mechanical floor tensioner. A hydraulic model on hand pump is also available as an option.

Hydraulic headboard
Inner Accessories

The hydraulic headboard is standard on the Silo-SPACE2: it is very useful when the trailer is behind the forage harvester at the beginning of a field. The front wall in galvanised perforated steel sheet also ensures a maximum visibility.

Hydraulic Mixer
Inner Accessories

This device is a real mixer. It can be used both during transport and spreading. The built-in hydraulic motor drives 60 mm vanes with a working diameter of 480 mm on a shaft supported by an ertalon bearing over its entire length.

Inner rail door
Inner Accessories

The inner rail door is the ideal option to compartmentalise your BETIMAX in many ways, while keeping animals from seeing each other. It completely obstructs the field of vision of the cattle and allows the safe loading of two powerful animals. Its sliding rail system ensures that the right compartment size is always found, guaranteeing a cost-effective, but above all, safe loading of the livestock.

Inner Accessories

The lights inside the trailer (adjustable and well protected) are an interesting feature for working after sunset.

For more simplicity and to avoid mixing oils, it is also possible to operate the moving floor mechanically via the P.T.O.-shaft at 1,000 rpm. This option is particularly interesting for agricultural cooperatives or contractors with multiple tractors, or in the case of rentals.

Mountain Emptying System
Inner Accessories

The “special mountain” emptying system allows your tank to be emptied completely when working on a slope. To that end, an additional pipe is added to suck up the slurry from the opposite side of the discharge. It is therefore possible to empty your tank completely even when you are going downhill (with vacuum pumps) or uphill (with volumetric pumps - not available with STORM model).

One-Part Inner Partition
Inner Accessories

At any time, your BETIMAX can be equipped with a hinged inner fence, supplied as standard with 3 sets of fixings: one at the front, one in the middle and one at the back of the side rails. Their position can be adapted according to the size of the compartment you want to create. To that end, you just have to move the locking mechanism. For the transport of small livestock, this inner fence can be fitted as an option with a downward extension to prevent animals from passing under the partition. This equipment is useful, among other things, when you load and unload your livestock at different locations. The compartmentalisation allows some of the cattle to be kept inside the trailer, even when the rear doors are open.

Protection bars can be added over the wheel recess to protect animals from bumping into or climbing over it. This option can sometimes be incompatible with the inner partitions.

Protective Grating
Inner Accessories

In order to protect the communicating gauge from possible shocks and damages, it can be fitted with an optional protective grating.

Resin on chequered plate
Inner Accessories

As an option, the painted livestock trailers can be equipped with a 3-component resin coating (resin + rubber + hardener) identical to that found on galvanised livestock trailers. This layer, applied on a chequered plate, increases the comfort of the animals being transported and reduces the noise level, while maintaining an anti-slip surface.

Rübig chains
Inner Accessories

The Rübig flat-link chains are especially suitable for transporting low-compression loads which, in the case of a conventional shipping chain, can get caught between the chain and the body floor or between the chain and the sprocket, with the risk of slipping. These chains are therefore ideal for transporting and spreading wood chips, silage, etc.

If you are looking for a maximum safety when unloading animals, we recommend the safety fence in front of the rear door. Cattle are sometimes very eager to get out and may push the door while you are opening it. This intermediate fence protects you from this risk. It also has a side release mechanism positioned on the outside of the body to open it safely.

Shipping chains
Inner Accessories

All muck spreaders are equipped with oversized shipping chains as standard. They provide an outstanding strength and ensure that your spreader is completely emptied, regardless of the load carried.

Shredding beaters
Inner Accessories

It is always possible to equip your Silo-SPACE2 with two galvanised shredding beaters. They are located at the back of the body and are mechanically driven by a drive shaft via the tractor P.T.O. This means that they rotate at the same speed. This option is particularly useful when you want to shred the material and make it uniform, or place the silage directly on the silo.

When factory-fitted, this option always includes a side door to allow a safe access to the inner side of the body for any maintenance operation. It is therefore not necessary to go through the beaters. In order to avoid any false manipulation and damage to the shredding beaters or the door, a moving floor starting safety device is also integrated in the assembly: before the moving floor is activated, the rear door must have an opening of at least 1m and the beaters must rotate at a minimum speed (speed sensor).

Sight Windows
Inner Accessories

Monocoque tipping trailers are equipped with four Perspex sight windows on the front as standard (except for tipping trailers with a body height of 100 cm or less).

As an option, it is also possible to choose one single large sight window. Both models can also be fitted with galvanised reinforcing rods to protect them from possible damage caused by the load.

Steel floor
Inner Accessories

The WAGO bale trailers are available in 2 versions: galvanised or painted (2K industrial quality paint). The galvanised models have a floor made of folded steel sheet (thickness: 4 mm) with sloping side edges. Their chassis, ladders and drawbar are also galvanised. The painted versions are equipped with a chequered plate floor (thickness: 3/5 mm) with 2.5 cm side edges. Their drawbar and ladders are galvanised.

Two-Part Inner Fence
Inner Accessories

At any time, your BETIMAX can be equipped with a hinged 2-part inner fence. It is positioned at a distance of 1.8 m from the front wall on the 6000 model and of 3 m on the 7500 and 9000. The 2-part design allows the lower extension to create the necessary barrier to keep out small livestock. This equipment is useful, among other things, when you load and unload your livestock at different locations. The compartmentalisation allows some of the cattle to be kept inside the trailer, even when the rear doors are open.

Wooden floor
Inner Accessories

The WAGO-LOADER low loaders are delivered as standard with a 35mm thick wooden floor.

Yaw chains
Inner Accessories

Yaw chains offer a high tensile strength. Two sets of 4 wearing-off Ertalon rails are placed on both sides of the body floor to prevent the moving floor and the body floor from scraping each other (“steel against steel”). This device is also quieter. The two well-protected hydraulic motors driving the moving floor have two gears: the first one to set the moving floor in motion and progressively increase its speed, and the second one for a quick and regular unloading.