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Floating hitch
Hitch (mounted implements)

The 3-point linkage allows to carry the machine during transport. At work, however, it is only pulled by the 2 lower points; the 3rd point remains floating. Thanks to this design, the rotary pasture toppers and choppers follow the terrain perfectly.

Folding system
Hitch (mounted implements)

In order to guarantee a transport width of less than 3 m (and even less than 2.41 m for most models), all JOSKIN wide aerators are fitted with a folding system. Up to a 4.2 m working width, the machine is folded manually. Beyond that, the system is hydraulic with a mechanical safety against accidental unfolding.

Front hitch
Hitch (mounted implements)

The front-mounted rotary pasture toppers and choppers are also floating during the mowing operation. For this purpose, these models are hitched by means of a central beam pulling the machine from the front ("Accord triangle" system). The rear of the machine is simply held by a sliding guide. As a result, the machine can "float" freely on the ground, with a constant contact that the double hitch spring makes very soft and light.

Hitch (Ø 22 or 28 mm)
Hitch (mounted implements)

Several types of hitching rods or systems are available (Ø 22 mm or Ø 28 mm) depending on the category and type of linkage arms of your tractor.

Hitch - GARDEN
Hitch (mounted implements)

The economical GARDEN BF meadow aerators are a variant of the BF series, which is especially designed for small horticultural tractors. Their width is reduced for work in parks and gardens. The category-1 hitch for horticultural tractors (hence the name "GARDEN") is quick and easy thanks to the Ø 22 mm round bar.

Quick hitch with bar
Hitch (mounted implements)

The quick coupling system to the tractor by means of a round bar is easy and practical: when hitching the machine, you first attach the bar to the linkage arms and then, after reversing under the hitching points of the aerator, you raise the arms until the mechanism locks. Then all you have to do is attach the third point and connect the hydraulics and electrics, if necessary.