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Adjusting crank

On the "EB" aerators, the aggressiveness of the tines is adjusted by means of a pressure crank placed in a vertical position between the levelling scrapers and the spring tines. A graduated scale allows you to check the selected setting.

Cage Roller
The Terradisc2 injectors can also be equipped with a cage roller, which not only acts as a "gauge roller", but also loosens the fertilised soil.
Gauge wheel

The gauge wheels on the JOSKIN aerators are primarily used as a height adjustment system for some implements (a key element of an aerator). They can be made of steel (advantage: no punctures) or reinforced rubber (advantage: flexibility). When working on very hilly lands, it is advisable to increase the number of gauge wheels to better follow the ground relief.

Gauge Wheel
Arable injectors and some very wide spreading booms are equipped with gauge wheels as standard to stabilise the implement and even out the injection/spreading depth.

Levers allow to adjust easily the pressure on the ground of the rows of spring tines

A manual multi-position valve fixed at the inlet of the macerator allows a stepwise adjustment of the injected slurry dose (except with proportional flow).


The ISOBUS application can support the “Section Control” to automatically control the opening and closing of the various sections of a slurry injector or spreading boom hitched to the slurry tanker. An external GPS antenna receives the position according to the Section Control standard and the ISOBUS application compares it with previously recorded positions in order to close the sections on areas that have already been fertilised.

Variflex system

The VARIFLEX system allows a continuous modulation of the tine aggressiveness by a hydraulic adjustment using several compensation hydraulic rams and a central pressure hydraulic ram. A graduated scale, visible from the driver's seat, is also provided.