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Aerating rakes
Working tools

Fitted with curved tines, the aerating rakes cut dung and break the moss cover and felting at the surface in order to improve the penetration of air, water and nutrients in the ground.

Bolted beater frame
Working tools

All muck spreaders are equipped with a beater frame bolted to the body. It can therefore be removed to use the spreader as a silage trailer.

Bolted teeth
Working tools

The beater teeth of the JOSKIN muck spreaders are made of HB or HARDOX special steel. Since they are bolted on, they can easily be changed if they wear out. In addition, most of them have a reversible design. When worn, they can be rotated by 180° to double their service life.

The 'Horizon' universal spreaders have a canopy with hydraulic opening in their standard equipment. When spreading manure with a lot of straw, it is therefore possible to open it upwards and spread the manure mainly via the two horizontal beaters.

JOSKIN offers a canopy with quick coupling system on its range of muck spreaders. It can easily be attached to the back of the frame for spreading fine, crumbly products (such as poultry manure). It is fitted on the inside with a stainless steel plate so that the product to be spread does not stick and can easily fall back onto the discs or the retractable blades without obstructing the passage. For a frequent mixed use (with/without canopy), JOSKIN also offers a 2-part canopy with hydraulic opening (on Tornado3 only) with the same features and functions as the one-part version with quick coupling system.

Central partition
Working tools

The galvanised rear central partition is a deflector positioned in the middle of the end of the spreading table. It deflects the spread material outwards to reduce the overlap of the two spreading sheets. It is therefore of interest when spreading lime or similar materials. It is usually bolted and has a pivot system so that it can easily be folded under the table as required.

Levelling blades
Working tools

Fitted on the first row, the levelling blades cut the hardest ground unevennesses in order to relief the following rows of tools.

Levelling scrapers
Working tools

These scrapers spread muck and grass heaps as well as molehills. As they are very wide, they ensure a wide and regular distribution over the whole pasture.

Limitation board
Working tools

The left and right limitation boards allow to limit the spreading width. They are hydraulically controlled and can be adjusted comfortably from the driver's seat at any time and according to the needs. These boards are the ideal tool for headland spreading.

Rear protective grating
Working tools

Mandatory in some countries, this grating primarily protects the road user (cyclist, motorcyclist, etc.) from possible injury in the event of a collision. When spreading, it lifts hydraulically, without affecting the quality of the spreading works.

Removable aerator
Working tools

As an option, it is also possible to equip your JOSKIN rotary pasture topper/chopper with an aerating/scarifying and scraping unit. In this way, you can combine up to 3 machines in 1. Since this option is bolted, it can easily be added/removed according to the needs.

Scarifying shares
Working tools

Their rigidity and sturdiness allow to scarify the ground more deeply and aggressively, thereby ensuring a regenerating aeration of the damaged plots.

Scraper Blade (1 m)
Working tools

Working at the harrow head, the scraper blades spread clods of earth and level out molehills and other ground unevennesses so that the following rows of tools can carry out their work efficiently. Usually fitted on half-flexible leaves, they also allow to face more serious damages, such as that caused by wild boars.

Spreading paddles
Working tools

These paddles follow the ground relief precisely, remove unfavourable elements, but also spread dung and other heaps. Their surface action also drives out larvae and removes leftovers, dock and thistles.

Spring tines
Working tools

The spring tines work smoothly to clean, aerate, spread and scarify. In this way, they regenerate and revive the vegetation more evenly. Their repeated passage, combined with their vibration, also allows to spread muck, slurry, dung, etc.