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Rail side fences
Outer Accessories

Available in 3.5 m or 4.5 m depending on the model, these fences are an efficient and cost-effective solution for any farmer wanting to load livestock on grassland. Supplied in pairs, they can be stored on the body sides without affecting the overall width of the livestock trailer. In the loading position, they can be adjusted to the desired opening degree and are therefore perfectly suited to the circumstances of the terrain. A clever spring suspension also makes them very easy to handle. The special feature of the rail system is that it offers even more flexibility and allows a full opening, even in narrow spaces such as inside stables.

Reaction Nozzle
Accessories (Hydrocleaners)

JOSKIN offers different types of reaction nozzles (commonly called "rats").

Rear Buttresses
Outer Accessories

The Modulo2 can be equipped with a rear pre-equipment in order to fit a linkage system specially designed to minimise stresses on the tank.

Rear Fitting
Pumping System: Lobe Pump

The Vogelsang lobe pumps offered by JOSKIN are all equipped with HiFlo® lobes that guarantee a perfectly linear flow. This means that they are not subject to vibration, thereby extending the lifespan of the moving parts. This unique design limits cavitation, allows higher rotation speeds, and therefore higher flow rates, for the same pump size. Lobe wear and turbulence at the inlet are greatly reduced. On TETRALINER tankers, JOSKIN fits the lobe pumps at the back of the tank so that they are easily accessible for maintenance and as close as possible to the transfer point (storage tank or pit). This assembly includes a hydraulic motor with direct connection to the tractor, as well as a hydraulic pump control valve at the rear of the tank for a greater ease of use.

Rear Hydraulic Plug
Chassis Accessories

It is possible to equip your trailer with a hydraulic plug at the back of the chassis. It can be used to control the tipping of a second trailer, the opening of a container door, etc.

Rear protective grating
Working tools

Mandatory in some countries, this grating primarily protects the road user (cyclist, motorcyclist, etc.) from possible injury in the event of a collision. When spreading, it lifts hydraulically, without affecting the quality of the spreading works.

Red and White Stripes
Accessories (Hydrocleaners)

For more visibility, it is possible to add red and white stripes to the rear of your hydrocleaners.

As an option, it is possible to temporarily reduce the spreading width of the booms by using ball valves. These are placed at the outlet of the SCALPER macerator and are manually operated. For example, you can avoid spreading in the tracks of the sprayer when fertilising your crop fields. Another very practical solution is the pneumatic section control. In this case, a balloon system installed on the spreading line after the SCALPER macerator is inflated (by a compressor) to temporarily block the hose.

Remote Control
Management and Control

You can operate some of the features of your machine by remote control. This can be useful when your vehicle is stationary and you need to perform a secondary function outside the tractor cab, such as emptying into a hopper, start/stop a pump on a hydrocleaner, etc.

Removable aerator
Working tools

As an option, it is also possible to equip your JOSKIN rotary pasture topper/chopper with an aerating/scarifying and scraping unit. In this way, you can combine up to 3 machines in 1. Since this option is bolted, it can easily be added/removed according to the needs.

Removable Drop Sides
Tipping Trailer Body

The JOSKIN dropside tipping trailers are all characterised by the easy removal of the side panels. Without any tools and in a very short time, it is possible to remove one or all of the side panels to transform the tipping trailer into a tipping platform: the ultimate versatility for all your transports!

Resin on chequered plate
Inner Accessories

As an option, the painted livestock trailers can be equipped with a 3-component resin coating (resin + rubber + hardener) identical to that found on galvanised livestock trailers. This layer, applied on a chequered plate, increases the comfort of the animals being transported and reduces the noise level, while maintaining an anti-slip surface.

Right Flow
Pumping System: Vacuum

Choosing the capacity (air flow) of your vacuum pump is an important step in the configuration of your slurry tanker. In the suction phase, it is interesting that the vacuum takes place within one minute. A pump with a flow rate per minute equal to the total capacity of the tank is therefore logically the first choice. For example, a pump that can suck up 10,000 l of air/minute will not only create a vacuum in your 10,000 l tank in just 1 minute, but will also maintain this vacuum during the entire filling process. If the flow rate was 5,000 l/min, this operation would have taken at least twice the time. In the spreading phase, i.e. the emptying phase, the pump just has to provide enough air inside the tank to empty it evenly. Choosing a too large pump means wasting tractor traction power, with a risk of premature wear. The vacuum level remains the same regardless of the pump chosen.

x) Filling time
y) Pump capacity
1) Time to "create the vacuum”
2) Maintain the vacuum
x) Spreading time
y) Pump capacity
1) Time to pressurize the tank
2) Maintain the compression ratio
Rocker Beam
Running Gear

The rocker beam is available as an option on the larger double-axle Trans-KTP models. It consists of two large boxes made of 300 x 300 x 12.5 mm tubular sections, each supporting two half-axles. They are built around a central axis mounted on bushes with grease nipples and a one-piece table bolted to the chassis. The rocker beam is the most economical and robust type of running gear for double-axle trailers. It adapts perfectly to difficult terrain conditions, while providing a maximum tipping stability (no suspension settling effect).

Roll-Over Bogie
Running Gear

The double-axle running gear with "Roll-Over" bogie offers, thanks to its design, a complementary suspension system to the wheels as well as a larger contact surface with the ground. It consists of 2 axles connected by parabolic leaves and is bolted to the chassis by what is commonly known as "the table", a large support that balances and distributes the loads in an optimal way. With its maximum clearance of 240 mm, it can absorb the irregularities in the terrain. Thanks to the position of the cross-axis under the spring leaves and the position of the axles above the ends of these same leaves, a pull line pushes the front axle over the obstacle. The advantages of this design are manifold: in addition to a lower centre of gravity and thus a better stability, the required traction power is significantly reduced. JOSKIN assembles its own bogies, which means that they can be made to measure for your vehicle. The distance between the axles and therefore the length of the leaves can be adapted to each machine, e.g. according to the choice of tyres. All JOSKIN “Roll-Over” bogies are bolted and therefore movable.

Rübig chains
Inner Accessories

The Rübig flat-link chains are especially suitable for transporting low-compression loads which, in the case of a conventional shipping chain, can get caught between the chain and the body floor or between the chain and the sprocket, with the risk of slipping. These chains are therefore ideal for transporting and spreading wood chips, silage, etc.