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Best-seller in semi-mounted version!



Length (m)

from 6 to 11.7


single axle
Double axle
Triple axle


Bale trailers


General Points

One of the solutions proposed by JOSKIN to transport straw is the semi-mounted WAGO. Based on the same automated manufacturing principle as the trailed WAGO, the semi-mounted model differs in the available floor length: from 6 to 11.7 m. Small ladders with various positions make the safe transport of bales easier: rounded ladders of 990 mm high and straight ones of 1,750 mm high. The floor with a galvanised folded sheet (4 mm) and sloping side edges provides enough space to load round or square bales of all dimensions.



Fully Galvanised WAGO

The JOSKIN WAGO bale trailers are fully galvanised by the galvanising plant of the JOSKIN group. During the hot-dip galvanising process, the zinc penetrates into the metal and thus deeply protects it from possible rust caused by scratches due to the loading of transported goods (bales or others). This advantage is a real plus, as bale trailers often take up a lot of space in sheds and are therefore rarely parked indoors when not in use. Galvanisation is undoubtedly the most durable protection possible compared to painting.

SEMI-MOUNTED WAGO Floor in Folded Steel Sheet

Floor in Folded Steel Sheet

The floor is made of a 4 mm galvanised steel sheet with successive folds. In the hollows of these folds are oval holes that allow rainwater to drain and thus prevent it from stagnating on the floor surface. The floor is also fitted with a sloping side edge.

SEMI-MOUNTED WAGO Drawbar Suspension

Drawbar Suspension

All WAGO semi-mounted bale trailers are standard fitted with a cross-suspension drawbar with parabolic leaves. This equipment ensures an outstanding driving comfort, whatever the driving speed.

SEMI-MOUNTED WAGO The Lowest Bale Trailer on the Market

The Lowest Bale Trailer on the Market

The WAGO semi-mounted bale trailers are designed to have the lowest centre of gravity possible. As a result, the standard floor height does not exceed 1.12 m, even with the standard large-diameter wheels (445/45R19.5). Furthermore, the suspension leaves on the running gear are located under the axle square in order to further reduce the loading height, and therefore the centre of gravity.


Secure Load

The WAGO semi-mounted bale trailers are standard fitted with a pair of convertible ladders. Their form depends on the usage: either they are rounded and 990 mm high (ideal to transport round bales), or they are straight and 1,750 mm high (ideal for square bales). As an option, these standard ladders can also be replaced by hydraulic side ladders whose structure comes to stand on the 4 sides of the WAGO bale trailers in one single operation in order to secure the load. There are anchoring points for straps over the whole trailer length in order to secure your load.

Special Features

Discover our super-equipped SEMI-MOUNTED WAGO Series at a very attractive price

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