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A solution for all your transport needs!



Length (m)

from 8 to 10


Double axle
Triple axle


Bale trailers


General Points

The JOSKIN Wago-Loader low loaders provide solutions for transporting implements and other machinery to your construction sites. The semi-mounted version has the advantage of a weight transfer to the tractor hitch, and therefore of a better grip. The semi-mounted WAGO-Loader is available with a technically permissible load ranging from 14 to 24 t (with a floor length of 8 to 10 m). WAGO-Loaders are manufactured from special high tensile steel, which is cut and welded in an automated way. They have a wooden floor and a reinforced chassis. All these features provide these low loaders with an increased resistance and reliability during transport.




The floor is made of 35 mm thick treated tropical hardwood (without edges) laid on a reinforced structure and easily replaceable in case of wear. For an easy loading of machines, the chassis extension is inclined at 15° and benefits from non-slip strips (on “X” version, i.e. with a 10-m floor, the ramp is inclined at 20° when placed on the ground).


Telescopic Ramp

This fully galvanised, telescopic loading ramp, found on X models, extends the platform by 1.25 m. Unlike a system with two fixed spaced ramps, this unique ramp now offers the possibility to load any type of implement regardless of the distance between their wheels/tracks. The telescopic ramp in the raised position allows for a 1.25 m longer platform. For additional safety in the loading position, the bumper, which is placed on the ground underneath the ramp, offers additional stability to the low loader.

SEMI-MOUNTED WAGO-LOADER  Lowered Reinforced Chassis

Lowered Reinforced Chassis

The tubular chassis of all JOSKIN low loaders is reinforced and lowered for more stability when driving and for an easy loading. It also allows a higher load capacity. The complete hot-dip galvanisation (in the JOSKIN Group's own galvanising plant) increases its resistance, and thus its service life. This protection is a real plus, as low loaders often take up a lot of space in sheds and are therefore often parked outdoors when not in use.

SEMI-MOUNTED WAGO-LOADER  Hydraulic Side Ladders and Front/Rear Ladders

Hydraulic Side Ladders and Front/Rear Ladders

Hydraulic side ladders are available on models with manual ramps or a telescopic ramp. They provide an increased security and speed of use. For more versatility, both sides can be operated independently. It is also possible to equip the low loaders with rear and front ladders if they have a telescopic ramp or manual ramps. The WAGO-Loader with hydraulic ramps can be fitted with front ladders, as their vertically raised ramps already form ladders.



The WAGO-Loader can be used to transport bales with removable front and rear ladders (agricultural context), but also as a low loader (heavy-duty context). In this case, 2 removable manual aluminium ramps or 2 galvanised hydraulic ramps allow an easy loading of the implement onto the platform. The “X” version (with a 10-m floor) is equipped with a hydraulic telescopic galvanised ramp of 1.5 m. In order to secure the loading of machinery, the platform has two hydraulically folding rear stabilising stands as standard. The WAGO-Loader is equipped with standard features that make it easy to fit various options. Some of the more interesting ones are: PVC boxes for storing straps and tools, anchor points for straps, etc.

Special Features

Discover our super-equipped SEMI-MOUNTED WAGO-LOADER Series at a very attractive price

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