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A low loader for your wide implements




WAGO-CARRIER General Points

General Points

The WAGO-CARRIER is a low loader to easily transport implements and other machines since the trailer floor can be completely lowered to the ground. Available with lengths of 5 and 6 m, this trailer is standard fitted with a 40-mm thick wooden floor. Two small ladders (straight at the front - rounded at the back) are available as an option.


WAGO-CARRIER Complete Lowering of the Trailer Floor

Complete Lowering of the Trailer Floor

The special feature of the WAGO-CARRIER is the complete lowering of the trailer floor. Once it is lowered with the double-acting hydraulic stand (600 mm course) and the two rear hydraulic rams, it is 18 cm high. On the road, it is 69 cm high (with standard wheels). The WAGO-CARRIER is particularly useful to transport several implements (comb harrow, regenerator, sandblaster, etc.) to the working area.

WAGO-CARRIER Multipurpose


Thanks to the pre-equipment for ladders, it is possible to transform your low loader with only a few operations for the transport of your harvest.


Wooden Floor

The 40-mm thick wooden floor can easily be replaced in case of wear.

WAGO-CARRIER Easy Cleaning

Easy Cleaning

The design of the WAGO-CARRIER is such that there is no water or mud retention and that cleaning can be carried out easy and fast.

WAGO-CARRIER Short and Compact Machine

Short and Compact Machine

The WAGO-CARRIER is a short and compact machine that pass easily through even the narrowest paths to get your work implement to its destination.

Special Features