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Perfectly suitable compact and sturdy design.


Perfectly suitable compact and sturdy design.


Body length (mm)

3.000 → 7.500


Double axle
Triple axle

Lifting angle

41° → 54°
Hook system

Hook system

Lift system functions of the Cargo-LIFT CL hook-lift

System with front telescopic arm (except on D8: articulated model) including the bolted lifting hook in non-deforming steel (hook height: 1,450 mm, 1,430 mm or 1,570 mm). • Hydraulic rams integrated into the chassis. • Standard hydraulic container locking from the inside to the outside. • Assisted tipping by hydraulic ram


For optimal ergonomics of the machine, JOSKIN proposes the "arrow" type drawbar.
Hydropneumatic suspension

Hydropneumatic suspension (D18-D22-T22)

Mounted on a hydraulic ram with one or two nitrogen accumulators (loaded and unloaded positions), it offers an outstanding flexibility. The adjustable chassis slope allows to increase the pullout force.

Silent-blocks (D8-D12-D14)

These rubber blocks ensure a smooth driving while keeping the traction line of the vehicle.
Management and Monitoring
Direct connection / alu control box with electro-hydraulic controls
Tipping stabilizer
Locking on Hydro-Tandem and Hydro-Tridem (option on 3rd point)
Telescopic front arm system (articulated on D8)
Hydraulic or air brakes depending on the country, air brakes on T22
Required hydraulics
Standard: min. 180 bar with direct connection to the tractor
As an option : 230 bar with pump
(1) The first 2 letters indicate the Cargo-LIFT CL range, the 4 numbers the length of the "LIFT" chassis (in mm), the letter indicates the number of axles and the last two numbers the technically permissible payload (in t).
(2) Dimensions for a standard machine without steering axle (except if the steering axle is part of the standard equipment of the machine).
(3) With hydraulic suspension (ref. 3180): Max. wheel Ø of 1,350 mm and max. width of 700 mm.
(4) Hydraulic jack w. direct connection
(5) Hydraulic skid with direct connection to the tractor (DA)
(6) The rear axle will be set in its rearmost position in order to ensure a sufficient support when loading the container. In order to avoid a too big load on the eyelet in transport position, the maximum permissible total load will be limited - for further information, please contact your representative.


Hook-lift systems
Hook-lift systems
Hook-lift systems
Hook-lift systems
Hook-lift systems
Hook-lift systems


Hook-lift systems