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Available equipment

Pasture care - BF - working tools

Levelling scrapers

They spread muck and grass heaps as well as molehills. As they are very wide, they ensure a wide and regular distribution on the whole pasture.

Spreading paddles

They follow the ground shape precisely in order to remove unfavourable elements, as well as spread dung and other heaps. Their action on the surface also allows to chase away larvae and pull up leftovers, dock and thistles.

Flexible tines

They work smoothly to clean, aerate, spread and scarify. In this way, they regenerate and revive the vegetation more evenly. Their repeated passage, combined with their vibration, also allows to spread muck, slurry, dung, etc.

Aerating rakes (BF and EB)

Fitted with curved tines, they cut dungs and break the moss cover and felting at the surface in order to improve the penetration of air, water and nutrients in the ground.

Set of reflective panels

Kits of lights and reflective panels (at the back and side) are available as an option in order to comply with the legislation in some countries.