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external filling

external filling

A gravity filling allows the highest flows. The user can then choose the most appropriate pump type for the discharge. JOSKIN offers various systems that can be placed on top or at the back of the tank: 6” flat flanges (150 mm squares), 8” flat flanges (200 mm squares) or 10” flat flanges (250 mm squares) with a choice of locations, upper manholes with a 600 mm diameter (or 520 mm in some cases) with hook or hinge closure, 500 x 600 mm bolted flanges, etc.

In case of frequent use, for more speed and comfort, JOSKIN also offers systems with a hydraulic opening: a Ø 520 mm hinged manhole, a 500x600 mm slide door and a 500x500 mm funnel.

Equipped with an immersion pipe, this funnel makes it easy to empty or fill the tanker. Available in 200 mm (8") or 250 mm (10") depending on the model, it can be positioned in several places: at the top of the tank, in the middle, or even in offset, or at the bottom of the tank (central).