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pumping system: vacu-storm

pumping system: vacu-storm

The VACU-STORM system combines the advantages of a vacuum pump on the suction side and a STORM centrifugal pump on the discharge side. It is an ideal solution for users who are looking for an absolute flexibility. This process guarantees a high performance. The pumps are P.T.O. driven via a reinforced one-piece gearbox. The Jurop PN 130 - 13,000 l/min is integrated in the drawbar and is used for suction. The PN 155 and PNR 155 (+/- 15,200 l/min) are available as options. The vacuum system has the great advantage of being well adapted to all pumping situations (underground or off-ground pits, funnel, etc.). The STORM centrifugal pump (10,000 l/min) is designed to feed the rear implement. It allows spreading over large widths and with a high and constant flow rate. Ideally placed under the tank with the stone trap, it ensures a smooth and even feeding of the slurry, while reducing maintenance to a minimum. This design provides a safe and convenient access.