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accessories (hydrocleaners)

accessories (hydrocleaners)

For more visibility, it is possible to add red and white stripes to the rear of your hydrocleaners.

For a higher visibility and safety, a light bar (with in-cab control box) can be added to the rear of your hydrocleaner.

For an easy access to the inside of the tank, it is possible to equip your hydrocleaner with a fully opening rear door. This is available with a manual closing on hinges (opening on the side) or hydraulic closing (hinges above), which is ideal for tipping the tank.

For maximum comfort, we recommend the hydraulic hose reel for the "low pressure" hose of the cleaning circuit.

JOSKIN offers different types of reaction nozzles (commonly called "rats").

The dorsal boom of the hydrocleaners has two circuits: one for suction and one for clean water injection. This allows you to liquefy the residues to be pumped (e.g. from gullies) and to facilitate the unblocking works.

The JOSKIN hydrocleaners can also be fitted with a stainless steel tank bottom plate. The advantage is that this type of steel not only has a longer service life (compared to traditional steel that can oxidise and therefore rust), but also a smoother surface. It is therefore the ideal type of surface for sticky sediments.