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inner accessories

inner accessories

The hydraulic headboard is standard on the Silo-SPACE2: it is very useful when the trailer is behind the forage harvester at the beginning of a field. The front wall in galvanised perforated steel sheet also ensures a maximum visibility.

The lights inside the trailer (adjustable and well protected) are an interesting feature for working after sunset.

Yaw chains offer a high tensile strength. Two sets of 4 wearing-off Ertalon rails are placed on both sides of the body floor to prevent the moving floor and the body floor from scraping each other (“steel against steel”). This device is also quieter. The two well-protected hydraulic motors driving the moving floor have two gears: the first one to set the moving floor in motion and progressively increase its speed, and the second one for a quick and regular unloading.

It is always possible to equip your Silo-SPACE2 with two galvanised shredding beaters. They are located at the back of the body and are mechanically driven by a drive shaft via the tractor P.T.O. This means that they rotate at the same speed. This option is particularly useful when you want to shred the material and make it uniform, or place the silage directly on the silo.

When factory-fitted, this option always includes a side door to allow a safe access to the inner side of the body for any maintenance operation. It is therefore not necessary to go through the beaters. In order to avoid any false manipulation and damage to the shredding beaters or the door, a moving floor starting safety device is also integrated in the assembly: before the moving floor is activated, the rear door must have an opening of at least 1m and the beaters must rotate at a minimum speed (speed sensor).

For more simplicity and to avoid mixing oils, it is also possible to operate the moving floor mechanically via the P.T.O.-shaft at 1,000 rpm. This option is particularly interesting for agricultural cooperatives or contractors with multiple tractors, or in the case of rentals.