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It is possible to equip your spreading implement with an exact/gooseneck/swinging scatterer in order to fertilise areas where the use of your spreading implement is impossible (e.g. due to the soil moisture or working width). In this case, a system of manual or hydraulic valves directs the flow of slurry to the scatterer.

Tines with reversible blue 11 cm reinforced shares (Kongskilde Vibroflex) can replace the standard model. They are designed to bury and mix larger quantities of straw and plant residues. They are characterised by two folds that allow the earth to go up and the plant material to go down at the same time, a vertical zone (above the share) for a better mixing of plants and soil, an 11 cm width, an even greater robustness, their reversibility, a design for burying mulch and a very good mechanical weed control effect (roots and seeds)

As an option, the TERRAFLEX injectors can be equipped with a levelling harrow that loosens "light" soil after injection.

All arable and meadow injectors controlled by a sequential block have a system (standard or optional depending on the model) to lift the injector in wet areas, thus preventing it from sinking too deeply. This device consists of a valve that lifts the rear implement when going from a dry area to a wet one, while keeping the feeding valve open and the macerator active.