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management and control

management and control

If your tractor does not have enough spool valves to control all the hydraulic functions of your vehicle, it is necessary to add an electrohydraulic solution to your machine. In this case, electrically controlled hydraulic valves are fitted on the side of the chassis and gather all or part of the hydraulic functions of your machine. This control system is protected by a metal casing against water, mud, etc. from the working conditions. This concept consists of an aluminium entry block with a capacity of 60 l/min or 120 l/min, onto which the different solenoid valves, each representing a function, are fitted. As standard, the hydraulic installation is equipped to work in a closed circuit called "Load Sensing", but an ergonomic bypass also allows work in an open circuit, i.e. with tractors without Load Sensing.

If your tractor does not have enough exportable oil for the operation of the various options or if you do not want to mix the oils of different tractors working with the same vehicle (e.g. in an agricultural co-operative), JOSKIN offers you an independent hydraulic installation driven by the tractor P.T.O-shaft. This equipment is standard on some ranges.

The multifunctional control box is the most ergonomic and efficient solution to easily operate the increasing number of hydraulic functions on modern agricultural machinery. With this installation, it is possible to feed from 2 to 14 hydraulic functions, by means of one single hydraulic distributor on the tractor via solenoid valves, which are controlled from a single control box in the tractor cab. This box is specific and custom-made: it has no "empty buttons" and only includes the configuration of your machine. Made of aluminium, it is robust. A special seal protects it against water and dust. In addition, it is fitted with a quick coupling for an easy disconnection and storage after use.

JOSKIN has developed a new tool to easily operate the increasing number of hydraulic functions on agricultural machines, while protecting the equipment and the meadows/arable lands: the automatic management system. It is standard on many of the spreading solutions for the JOSKIN slurry tankers and takes over the various electrohydraulic functions in a programmed sequence. The Touch-Control control box is an ergonomic and efficient solution to easily control a combination of hydraulic functions specific to each spreading implement. This touch screen is installed in the tractor cab. As the spreading sequences differ from one implement to another, they are all stored in the ECU memory. The proper implement then only has to be selected, which makes it easier to use and change implements. In automatic mode, the START button launches the recorded sequence: opening the feeding valve, starting the macerator, lowering the implement to the ground, etc. A manual mode can also be selected in order to act on some functions independently of the sequence.

What is Isobus? Definition according to the AEF - Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation: “Electronics improve the safety, efficiency, precision and performance of agricultural equipment. In the past, each manufacturer used its own patented solutions that had to be adapted specifically to each tractor and equipment combination. The universal 'plug and play' solution offered by ISOBUS will simplify things for the future: one terminal for a wide range of equipment, regardless of the manufacturer.” At JOSKIN, the control box interface, just like the automaton interface, can be replaced by the ISOBUS terminal already installed in the cabin of the tractor, if it is equipped with one, or by a JOSKIN terminal. Thanks to this system, one single control box in the cabin replaces several ones: a direct way to high-tech agriculture! This system centralises, for instance, the electrohydraulic controls, the pressure sensors, the management of the injection implements, the flow rate proportional to the driving speed, or the dynamic weighing system. The terminal is also compatible with a GPS system for a precise guidance when spreading on different plots. Most tractor manufacturers are using this technology.

With the ISOBUS technology to control your vehicle, you can use either the standard tractor display or one of the optional ISO Control displays supplied by JOSKIN. Available in 3 versions and sizes (5.7", 10.4" or 12.1" screen size), they are touch-sensitive and allow the management of all electrohydraulic functions of your machine, depending on the chosen configuration. The ISO Control Touch 800 display offers, for instance, a USB stick plug-in for data export, an analogue camera connection port, etc. The ISO Control Touch 1200 screen provides a "Multi-Window" display.

Are you looking for precision spreading? No problem! JOSKIN has developed an electronic flow meter (Ø 150 or 200 mm) that ensures an exact flow rate at all times, regardless of your driving speed. The flow meter continuously measures the slurry flow, while sensors on the tanker wheels measure the driving speed. By interpreting this data, a computer will automatically regulate the slurry flow according to the driving speed via an electric valve. This device requires an ISOBUS terminal.

In cooperation with John Deere, JOSKIN offers a real-time slurry analysis technology using an infrared lens. The composition of the slurry (nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), ammoniacal nitrogen (NH 4) and dry matter) is measured in real time during spreading. The system allows the integration of a spreading instruction expressed in nitrogen unit/ha (for instance), and no longer in m³/ha like a classic flow meter system. Other NIR solutions, such as those offered by "dinamica generale" and implemented by some tractor manufacturers, such as CNH, are also available upon request. JOSKIN now integrates this analysis system into its slurry tankers with flow meters via ISOBUS.