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surface treatment

surface treatment

Agricultural machines are used all year round and, most of the time, in contact with aggressive substances (slurry, manure, chemical fertilisers, etc.) causing corrosion. Usually, the hot-dip galvanisation at 450°C is the first choice for a durable steel protection against rust. Compared to painting, galvanisation requires little or no maintenance. It provides an excellent protection against bad weather and is not damaged by the mechanical deformation of the steel. During the protection process, the sheet is covered with three layers of a mixture of steel and zinc and an outer layer of pure zinc. Unlike paint, which is only found on the surface, these layers are perfectly anchored in the steel. The outer layer is less hard but is very shock absorbing. If its exposure to corrosion remains moderate, galvanisation provides an effective protection for at least 60 years! All parts, regardless of their size, can be galvanised in our own factory and then be used for the assembly of all machines from the JOSKIN range.

The JOSKIN factories have some of the most modern paint lines in Europe. During the process, the material is first cleaned and degreased by shot blasting (projection of up to 2,500 kg of steel balls per minute). It is then primed with an Epoxy Ester primer and finished with a two-component paint. The process is completed by drying in an oven at 60°C. In this way, all JOSKIN parts and machines benefit from the best possible protection for a long service life. As standard, JOSKIN applies its traditional yellow and green colours. As an option, however, they can be replaced by those of your choice. The surface protection with industrial paints, such as those used by JOSKIN, is the best way to protect special steel that is not suitable for a heat treatment such as galvanisation.