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Available equipment

Tipping trailers - TRANS-KTP 9/11/15 - modular body

Protecting strip

In option, the upper strip may be protected by a PVC lining, so that the body cannot be damaged by the loading tools.


As an option, the body can be fitted with a fully galvanized headboard in order to protect the hitching gear, the tractor and the tipping ram against possibly falling matter.

Aluminium extensions

250 or 500 mm aluminium extensions can be mounted in order to increase the loading capacity. A grain chute can be mounted on one of the rear door sides.

Cover systems

On the Trans-KTP tipping trailers, there are three solutions to cover the body: the VAKO rigid cover made up of two doors with hydraulic closing, the Flip-Tarp net with hydraulic closing and a cover with manual or hydraulic winding.



Cabriolé cover