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Equipment available

Muck spreaders

Running Gear

Running Gear

JOSKIN running gears are designed to meet, in every situation and whatever the vehicle, the criteria of reliability, stability, comfort and safety both on roads and in the fields.

Single axle suspension
Single axle suspension

Single-axle vehicles are standard fitted with a fixed axle and can be fitted with a running gear suspension with parabolic leaves.

Roll-Over boggie (Ferti-CAP / Ferti-SPACE)

Thanks to their design, double-axle vehicles with Roll-Over bogie offer an extra suspension system of the wheels and a larger contact surface with the ground. The bogie is made up of 2 axles linked by parabolic leaves and fixed to the chassis by means of a central point. It makes it possible to counterbalance the ground unevenness (up to +/- 240 mm).

Thanks to the position of the cross-axis under the leaves and the upper position of the axles at the ends of the leaves, the drawline pushes the front axle over the obstacle. The traction power needed is therefore reduced. That is why this system is advised in case of intensive use on uneven ground.

JOSKIN assembles its own bogies, thereby offering personally adapted ones to suit to your vehicle. The distance between the leaves and the axle square are elements adaptable to each machine. Moreover, all JOSKIN boggies are bolted and adjustable.

Roll-Over boggie
Tandem/Tridem: Description of a Traditional Tandem with Rods
Tandem/Tridem: Description of a Traditional Tandem with Rods

• Low cost
• Low clearance (± 8 cm)
• Higher traction needed:
- more hp needed
- increased consumption
• Low obstacle clearance potential

• Weight of the whole vehicle supported by one single axle!
• Wheel and axle overloading
• Maximum leaf crushing
• Too high strains on leaf supports, axes, etc.

In order to lessen the impact of these elements, JOSKIN has developed its own hydraulic running gear: Hydro-Tandem + Hydro-Tridem.

Tandem/Tridem: Description of a Traditional Tandem with Rods
Hydro-Tandem / Hydro-Tridem (Ferti-SPACE / Ferti-SPACE Horizon)
Hydro-Tandem / Hydro-Tridem

Simplicity, clearance and stability: these are the three key specifications of the Hydro-Tandem/Tridem running gear. It combines the following advantages: the axles can easily be pulled over obstacles and they are semi-independent. That is why they allow a significant clearance (up to +/- 250 mm).

Given the design of the JOSKIN Hydro-Tandem/Hydro-Tridem, the ground pressure is perfectly distributed over the wheels. The ground is therefore less compressed, which allows to spare its structure. The stability of the vehicle will therefore also be significantly improved. Each axle is pulled by leaves attached to a fixing element that is located ahead of the assembly.

Four or six hydraulic rams are placed two by two or three by three on both sides of the chassis. Those of a same side are linked to each other in closed circuit and the oil flow takes place according to the communicating vessels principle. The independence of the circuits on each side of the vehicle, combined with the incompressible properties of oil, ensures a perfect side stability and prevents swaying. This explains why the vehicle is less likely to tilt when driving in bends and on hills.

The first lifting axle is standard mounted on all Hydro-Tridem vehicles.

Hydro-Tandem / Hydro-Tridem
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