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The tipping hydrocleaner to get rid of of the most concentrated sediments!


Capacities (l)

6000 → 8400


Single axle




General Points

Joskin's hydrocleaners have been designed for cleanig gullies and sewer or any other work, such as emptying septic tanks, unclogging pipes or vacuuming sediments and waste. They are available in 6,000 and 8,400 l, and are equipped as standard with a Ø4" balanced dorsal boom for easy handling, a high pressure clean water injection nozzle for stirring up foreign bodies so that they can be sucked up, and high-performance suction technology. The tank of the hydrcoleaner can tip and the rear wall can fully open in order to evacuate all the deposits in the tank without any effort.


HYDROCLEANER Monocoque tanker on universal chassis

Monocoque tanker on universal chassis

JOSKIN hydrocleaners are equipped with a so-called "universal" chassis on which all stresses are concentrated. It is designed on the basis of the experience gained by JOSKIN in the manufacture of slurry tankers and tipping trailers. Thus, the chassis not only serves as a load-bearing structure for the tank, but also houses the telescopic tipping cylinder on a double oscillating frame (anti-torsion effect). The tank of the hydrocleaners has a robust and lightweight design with a low centre of gravity for an excellent weight/maneuverability ratio. They are made of 5 mm thick hot-dip galvanised high tensile steel and comply with the EN707 safety standard (anti-pitching). They are also single-shelled and compartmentalised. In fact, the H6000 hydrocleaner has a compartment of 2,000 l of fresh water for 4,000 l of mud, while the H8400 model offers 2,500 l of fresh water for 5,900 l of mud. Galvanised brackets and belts reinforce the structure of the tipping tank. As standard, the tanks of the hydrocleaners are equipped with a rear hydraulic lever control for opening the rear wall and tipping the tank (ideal for quickly removing residues and sediments, such as stones, sand, etc.).

HYDROCLEANER Pumping system

Pumping system

As standard, the hydrocleaners are already equipped with an industrial type pumping system consisting of a JUROP DL 180 vacuum pump with a capacity of 18,000 l/min with silencer and air cooling, as well as a high pressure pump with a capacity of 120 l/min at 120 bar, protected by a water filter. This pump combination is very low-maintenance and requires no continuous lubrication.

HYDROCLEANER Dorsal suction boom

Dorsal suction boom

The hydrocleaners are also equipped as standard with a manual Ø 4'' balanced dorsal boom. At the end of the boom, the operator can manually activate a water injection to facilitate the suction or cleaning of the drain, making the work easy and fast.

HYDROCLEANER High pressure/reel/manual winder

High pressure/reel/manual winder

The high pressure circuit is mechanically driven, a pressure of 120 bar and a flow rate of 120 l/min allowing the unclogging of sewers with a diameter of 300/400 mm. The manual or hydraulic reel (optional) equipped with a 50 m 3/4'' hose and a rat ensures the unclogging of the pipes. The pressure and water flow rate can be adapted according to the size of sewer encountered. A lance with 10 m of hose allows you to carry out essential cleaning work around the tank or during the unclogging work.



Several options are available to adapt the machine to your future work: a hydraulic dorsal boom, a liquid-ring pump, hydraulic rear wall locks instead of manual ones, a 100 mm diameter gooseneck, a light ramp with control box, an acoustic warning for high pressure water level, a red/white stripe on the rear wall (sticker), a remote control, and many more!

Special Features