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Let's Go for a Wago

Let’s GO for a WAGO

JOSKIN offers various solutions for transporting bales, machinery, etc. WAGO bale trailers and low loaders are 6 to 11.7 m long and are made of high tensile steel, which is cut and welded by automated machines in the JOSKIN factories. A mainly tubular structure is so formed to improve the resistance to torsion. For long-term protection, WAGO trailers are either galvanised (in the JOSKIN Group's galvanising plant) or painted. The painted versions are first shot blasted and then coated with a 2K industrial quality paint for an optimal protection against corrosion.

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Galvanised bale trailers have a platform equipped with a 4 mm thick high tensile steel folded sheet, the aim of which is to reinforce the strength of the floor. In order to avoid water stagnation, the various folds have holes for a quick cleaning and drainage of the liquids. The side edges are slightly sloping, which gives the load more stability. Painted models are designed with a chequered plate floor. They are also equipped with a special outer steel section forming a 2.5 cm edge to secure the load laterally. The distance between the two side edges is 2.43 m, making the painted WAGO particularly suitable for transporting Palox boxes. Low loaders are delivered with a floor in treated tropical hard wood (3.5 cm thick).

Running Gear

The WAGO trailed and semi-mounted bale trailers are designed to have the lowest centre of gravity possible. As a result, the standard floor height does not exceed 1.12 m with the standard wheels (445/45R19.5). Furthermore, the suspension leaves of the running gear are located under the axle square in order to further reduce the loading height, and therefore the centre of gravity. This lowered axle suspension with parabolic leaves provides the driver with optimal comfort, regardless of the driving speed. The front axle of the trailed WAGO is fitted under a turntable (360°) making the trailer very easy to manoeuvre.

Galvanised or Painted

Two different coatings are available for WAGO. The first is hot-dip galvanisation in the JOSKIN Group’s galvanising plant. After degreasing in an acid solution, bales trailers are dipped in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of +/- 450 °C. From the core of the metal to the surface zinc, several layers of alloy are formed in depth, constituting a real armour against corrosion. This protection against rust is very interesting for the durability of the trailers, which are often parked outside. The second coating is a 2K industrial 2-component quality paint to ensure a high-quality finish and the durability of the machine. The entire industrial process of "surface treatment" is essential for the good quality and longevity of JOSKIN bale trailers.

Load Securing + Hydraulic Side Ladders and Front/Rear Ladders

Bale trailers are equipped with a pair of convertible ladders. Depending on the use, they can take different shapes: either rounded with a height of 990 mm (round bales) or straight with a height of 1,750 mm (square bales). In order to secure the load, anchoring points for straps are provided along the entire length of the platform. As an option, you can get hydraulic side ladders with a structure that covers all 4 sides of the WAGO bale trailers in one operation.

Hydraulic Extension

The 1.15 m hydraulic extension, which is very efficient to adapt the length of the platform to your needs, is present on the 11100 models. It is slid into the chassis at the rear of the platform and is extended at the desired moment via a hydraulic control directly from the tractor. Thanks to this feature, the user can easily choose the ideal length of the platform (up to 11.1 m) and arrange the load in the best possible way for a safe transport.

Lowered Reinforced Chassis

The tubular chassis of all JOSKIN bale trailers and low loaders is reinforced and lowered (platform height: 1.1 m) for more stability when driving and for a higher load capacity. It is also fully hot-dip galvanised (in the JOSKIN Group’s galvanising plant) to increase the service life of the machine and its resistance to corrosion. As the wooden floor can be easily replaced when worn, the galvanised steel provides an additional protection for trailers parked outside when not in use.

Lowered Reinforced Chassis


WAGO bale trailers and low loaders are mainly used for transporting bales. However, the Loader models can also be used for loading and moving civil engineering equipment. In order to secure the loading via the rear ramps, the trailer has 2 hydraulically folding rear stabilising stands as standard. The dual use of the WAGO-Loader is very interesting in order to make it profitable throughout the year.



The WAGO bale trailers and low loaders, with a length of up to 10 m, can benefit from a European certification at 30 or 40 km/h (according to Regulation 167/2013). This standard ensures the safety of the machine, load and operator when driving. An accredited inspection body checks all kinds of elements according to precise specifications. Checking the braking system is one of the requirements of this standard. Note that in case of renewal, the European certification guarantees the registration of the machine, and therefore the resale without trouble throughout Europe.


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