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Livestock Trailers

BETIMAX R Livestock Trailer Body

Livestock Trailer Body

The Betimax R has a 4-mm thick high tensile steel monocoque body resting on a 180 x 100 mm tubular chassis. This body has a surface area of 11.1 m² (5 m x 2.23 m) on the R5000S model and of 13.4 m² (6 m x 2.23 m) on the R6000S model. The inner body height is 2.1 m.

Just like on all JOSKIN livestock trailers, the Betimax R body is standard fitted with galvanised doors: a side door at the front-right as well as a rear door with 2 leaves for a full opening. It also includes an edge to ensure its watertightness and prevent any liquid/manure loss during the use. For cleaning purposes, 2x Ø 2’’ removable caps are present to make sure the wash water can flow out the body.

BETIMAX R Specifications


Based on the RDS model, the Betimax “R” is a single-axle livestock trailerwith a 5-m (7-8 animals) or 6-m (8-10 animals) body length. Unlike the RDS, which is fitted with a reclining system, the Betimax R is provided with a loading ramp. It is also characterised by a fixed drawbar, a 2K paint as well as a chequered plate floor made of high tensile steel (min. 4 mm).

Its production is fully industrialised. Its body is first tack-welded on a jig and then welded by a full-automatic robot. This process provides an outstanding finishing quality.

With many pieces of pre-equipment, the Betimax can be fitted with a wide range of accessories: fences, covers, spare wheel, etc., which are also available as an option to personalise your vehicle according to your needs. 



Inside the body, there are two rails on both side walls (75 cm and 115 cm high). They are very sturdy and make it possible to tie animals or fasten fences or inner partitions (options).

Outside the body, various systems of side fences can also be fitted. It includes 3.10 m hinged fences or self-supporting rail fences of 4 m of 4.5 m depending on the model. They are available as an option and can be assembled directly at the factory or delivered as a kit to be easily added at any time afterwards.

BETIMAX R Pneumatiques


The Betimax R is standard fitted with wide wheels (Ø 930 mm – 445 mm wide). Various tyre profiles and brands are also available as an option. For smaller journeys, narrower 305/55R22.5 wheels (Ø 930 mm – 300 mm wide) are also possible.

Regarding the brakes, the Betimax R is standard fitted with double-circuit air brakes, combined with ADR 80 axles with a 2,000 mm track and 350x60 mm brakes.

Strong points of the range

Monocoque body

The longitudinal beams of the chassis and the side plates of 4 mm thick form a watertight monocoque body of 180 cm high on the Betimax R and of 210 cm high on the Betimax RDS.

Rear door with two leaves

The door with two smooth leaves offers a passage wider than the body, still to avoid constrictions and injuries.
Livestock Trailers


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