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Spreader with lowered narrow body for intensive work



12 → 21


Single axle
Double axle


Vertical Beaters

TORNADO3 General Points

General Points

The Tornado3 is also a muck spreader with lowered narrow body in HLE steel and wheels with a large diameter as well. Its high capacities and sturdiness are ensured by its body made up of successive folds and by a side reinforcing post.
This body with a height of, 1,130 mm to 1,570 mm (offers load volumes from 8,6 to 25,8 m³ according to the model. The beaters with folded spirals spread evenly on a width from 7 to 16 m per row, depending on the product.

TORNADO3 Transmission


The transmission is protected by elastomer couplings between the boxes and the beaters (1) that will absorb shocks and therefore increase the lifespan of these boxes.

Strong points of the range

High Tensile Steel

The body in high tensile steel makes it possible to reach - by successive folds of the steel sheet - a great resistance while limiting the side reinforcements, and reducing the empty weight of the machine.

Moving Floor

Moving floor with shipping chain with grade 80 (the highest grade in traction chains currently existing);
The moving floor is fitted with side and central tensioners that are easily accessible.

Cross-suspension drawbar

Whatever the type of ground, the fitting of parabolic leaves offers a high lateral stability and driving comfort, without distortion of the traction line.
Vertical Beaters


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