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Lowered narrow body in XL version, combined with large wheels with a large diameter for traction ease and quality spreading, whatever the terrain! Machine suited for tractors from 120 hp.


Volume (m³)

from 8.6 to 20.6

Without extensions


Single axle
Double axle


Vertical Beaters

TORNADO3 General Points

General Points

The Tornado3 is the flagship product of the range of JOSKIN muck spreaders with narrow body. Together with its little brother, the Siroko, it unites the principles that led to the very concept of this type of machine: lightness, sturdiness and easy maintenance. Both durable and extremely maneuverable, the Tornado3 also proves to be economical, both from a budgetary and energy point of view. Thanks to its special low, narrow body combined with large-diameter wheels, it facilitates traction and reduces the pressure on the ground thanks to a bigger contact surface, whatever the type of terrain.


TORNADO3 Narrow body

Narrow body

At first glance, one might think that a narrow body has less capacity than a wide one, but when comparing volumes, this quickly turns out to be an optical illusion. Just like the Tornado3, narrow bodies do indeed benefit from a lowered design and both side walls are often higher than on wide-body muck spreaders. This lowering makes it, among other things, considerably easier to load material.

Whether it is the monocoque body or other components, such as the drawbar or the beater frame, the Tornado3 is manufactured in HLE steel. This steel is characterised by its resistance and dynamic properties. It is thereby not necessary to add any body side reinforcements and it offers a considerably reduced empty weight. For maximum protection and therefore an increased durability, the Tornado3 is also treated with a 2K industrial paint.

With side walls of 1,130 mm, 1,370 mm or 1,570 mm high (depending on the model), this muck spreader has a loading capacity ranging from 8.60 m³ to 25.80 m³. If necessary, it can be increased by adding extensions.

The moving floor of the Tornado3 consists of 2 Ø 16 mm marine chains with grade 80 (the highest grade in traction chains currently available) and bolted slats with closed profiles. It moves on a bolted galvanised floor, which can be replaced easily in case of wear. This moving floor (on Ø 60 mm reduction gearboxes) is also fitted with easily accessible side tensioners. Its body forms in this way a straight channel leading the manure towards the beaters. Being wider (inside and outside) than the body, the spreading device allows the product to expand before being ejected by the beaters.

TORNADO3 Drawbar suspension

Drawbar suspension

The Tornado3 muck spreaders are all standard fitted with an automatic, hydraulic drawbar suspension. Its principle lies in the fitting of a hydraulic ram on both sides of the drawbar, in combination with two nitrogen balls. Not only does this system offers an unmatched driving comfort, even at higher speeds, but it also makes it possible to keep the traction line continuously without deformation for all journeys with the vehicle loaded. Thanks to this solution, the operator can drive at higher speeds (40 km/h), regardless of the terrain conditions.

TORNADO3 Spreading and beaters

Spreading and beaters

The spreading width varies from 7 to 16 m, depending on the products to be spread. To achieve it, the two vertical beaters rotate at a speed of 423 rpm and project the material to be spread by means of the bolted HB400 teeth (80 x 12 mm). At their base are two retractable blades which, in addition to projecting the material, act as a smashing hammer.

The flow per hectare is adjusted easily by combining the speed of the tractor with that of the moving floor (thanks to the potentiometer within reach of the cab). A galvanised guillotine door (optional) with arms on the outside of the muck spreader body can also help. The beaters are driven by a wide-angle Walterscheid P.T.O.-shaft with overrunning clutch on the tractor side and cam security on the beaters side. The shaft drives the gearbox at 1,000 rpm, to which the two beaters are coupled (elastomer protection). The beaters are oversized in height and ensure an easy passage and crumbling of any potential dome of material in the body.

TORNADO3 Running gear

Running gear

The oversized axle of the single-axle Tornado3 is bolted under the monocoque body. In addition, it can be moved, allowing a perfect balancing with sufficient weight on the eyelet, regardless of the tyre configuration. This assembly or a transition to an assembly with wheels with a larger diameter is therefore made possible without having to touch the hydraulic motor of the moving floor or other obstructing elements. The eyelet is also bolted and can therefore be interchanged at any time without having to modify the structural elements.

The double-axle Tornado3 models are equipped as a standard with a Hydro-Tandem running gear, which ensures traction ease and optimal stability.

The Tornado3 muck spreaders are all standard fitted with double-circuit air brakes. As an option, it is possible to get hydraulic or dual brakes.

TORNADO3 Low or High Tech muck spreader: it is up to you!

Low or High Tech muck spreader: it is up to you!

Your Tornado3 muck spreader can be fitted with the modernest electronic equipment. This allows you to replace and/or complete the constant pressure flow regulator with the modernest control boxes (option): the Ferti-Control 4000, for instance, will give you access to the electric control of the moving floor drive, a reverser of the moving floor direction, a control for the spreader hydraulics, the coupling of a DPA system and much more. Depending on your needs, you can also equip your muck spreader with a static or dynamic weighing system with digital display in the cab, an Isobus control box, GPS tracking, etc. "Everything" is possible.

Special Features


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