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ZAO Doljanskoe (Russia)

ZAO Doljanskoe <i>(Russia)</i>

Machine: Ferti-SPACE 7014
Company: farm in Belgorod area, Russia
Activities: cattle breeding and cultivation
Total area: 9,984 ha, staff number: 229
Spread product: cattle manure
Number of animals: 2400
Spread volume: up to 100 t/ha
Spread area: 7,653 ha
Dealer: ООО Agromax

We were the first farm in Belgorod area to buy a Joskin Ferti-SPACE spreader model FS7014/25BU. We chose the Joskin spreaders because they are very reliable and have the best quality/price ratio of the market. These last 3 years, our Ferti-SPACE spread 80,000 t of manure without any problem. It is very sturdy. The spreading quality, width and regularity (over the whole width), as well as the manure crumbling, are excellent.

Testimonial of the director Shumsky Sergey Vasilievitch (on the picture).