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Hunland (Hungary)

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Hunland (Hungary)

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Kite Delivers 3 JOSKIN CARGO JOSKIN Modular Systems to Hunland.

In July 2017, Hunland bought from the KITE company three Cargo TRM with Trans-Cargo tipping boxes and Ferti-Cargo muck spreading boxes.

“Hunland imports and exports livestock and meat. The company was established in 1992 and has become one of the world’s biggest importers/exporters of cattle, pigs and sheep. Hunland operates all around the globe, with the Netherlands and Hungary as its historic birthplace.

Making use of a worldwide network of support bases allows us to be a global and independent partner for buying and selling livestock and meat. Our staff is our most important business capital; they possess the wide knowledge and expertise our clients need the most” said Mr Nagy, general manager of the farm machinery department.

Hunland owns 23,000 cattle all over Hungary and around 2,000 ha land where they are producing the cattle feed. 

The machines work excellently, are comfortable to drive and are easy to pull. Boxes can easily be switched from one to another.