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Side tipping on Trans-CAP 6000/20BC150 and 6500/22BC150

The Trans-CAP 6000/20BC150 and 6500/22BC150 bodies are now available with a side tipping system.

This option allows to increase the multi-functionality of the Trans-CAP tipping trailers since it is easier to unload in buildings with limited height. It also makes it possible to increase the transported weight thanks to the possibility of towing a second Tetra-CAP trailer.

The drop sides are articulated on welded hinges, which are themselves fixed on a steel section.

The unlocking of the drop sides is hydraulically driven from the tractor cabin and offers a side opening height of 600 mm. No manual intervention is required to close the drop sides. A large section seal positioned all around the sides of the body openings ensures a good tightness.

This side unloading option is added on Trans-Cap, as a complement to the Tetra-CAP and Deltra-CAP 3-way tipping trailers ranges.