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JOSKIN Develops its Dealers Network in Denmark

The Joskin company is pleased to announce the arrival of the company Holmsland Maskinforretning in its Danish network. Located in Kloster, near Ringkøbing, this dealer benefits from a long experience that allowed him to become leader in the distribution of brands like Valtra, Lely, BVL, Giant and many more.

Always in line with the many developments of the agricultural sector, Holmsland Maskinforretning identifies as its mission to reach the largest audience possible with a deliberately reduced catalogue, but which targets qualitative products with strong added value. This perspective is by the way at the origin of the merger with the Joskin brand. The dealer was for instance seduced by the Cargo programme, which will allow him to propose a modular and economical solution to his customers so that they can optimize the use of their agricultural implements. One single chassis is indeed enough to use no less than 5 different tools: slurry tank, muck spreader body, silage body, multi-purpose body or monocoque tipping body.

The cooperation between the 2 partners will therefore first start with this system. However, it should rapidly extend with the addition of a range of tipping trailers, silage trailers and rotary pasture toppers, which are of real interest for the local market. Thanks to this cooperation, the Joskin company will strengthen its presence in the Jutland Peninsula and will in this way keep meeting an ever growing demand on the Danish market.

Holmsland Maskinforretning A/S

Bandsbyvej 11, Kloster

6950 Ringkøbing

Contact for Joskin products: Claus Sørensen